May 3 2021
11:29 am

The biggest source of stress for Americans in 2021 is money problems, according to a recent WalletHub survey. The COVID-19 pandemic, which took first place last year, has slipped to second, which makes sense considering the progress the U.S. has made with vaccination and reopening.

Tennessee is 4th in fewest average hours of sleep per night and 5th in highest crime rate per capita.

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And we have our local County and State governments to thank for this!

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Having Bill Lee as governor,

Having Bill Lee as governor, Blackburn & Hagerty representing us in the Senate, and Glenn Jacobs as County Mayor is enough to stress out even the most easy going and relaxed individual among our citizens. They are an embarrassment to our state and community. Knoxvillians are lucky to have Mayor Kincannon who has been a good leader during this tragic pandemic. Kincannon has a reason to be proud. She has represented her community well. Thanks Mayor Kincannon!

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