Apr 10 2021
09:42 am

This past season, me and my teammates on the East Tennessee State men’s basketball team decided that we were going to kneel during the national anthem. We wanted to continue to shine some light on racial injustice and police brutality in this country.

Our head coach, Jason Shay, fully supported our decision and had our backs every step of the way.

Then, last week, after our season ended, Coach Shay abruptly “resigned.”

Our Coach Should Still Be Our Coach

yellowdog's picture

Much of what's wrong with D1

sports is represented in this story. Young mostly Black players are recruited to play for mostly white fans (and coaches) to make money for the schools (and not the players) and when local rich white "boosters" are mad, they can get the schools to get rid of the coach and leave the players to fend for themselves.

Sandra Clark's picture

Seeing red

I get why the players want to make a dramatic statement about racism. They have every right to do that. But that doesn't stop me from resenting priviledged youth of all colors disrespecting the flag. In fact, it makes me see red every time.

tlc's picture

The Players' Trbune thanks to you for introducing me to this terrific website. Insightful writing throughout. And, I hope the Media dig into this ETSU story.

Sandra the song says, you're more to be pitied than scolded.

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