Apr 12 2021
04:12 pm

A KPD officer is one of the victims.

It just happened

I feel so sorry for everyone at the school, in the community, and the police.

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Body cam

To watch the body cam footage it appears that one of the officers was reaching for the gun in Thompson's pocket and that's when it discharged.

It is a travesty that officer Clabough does not face some sort of charges.

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Was school in session when

Was school in session when this took place?

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I watched the body-cam video

I watched the body-cam video multiple times and Thompson had both hands in his jacket's "kangaroo pouch" pocket. Officers Willson and Baldwin each grabbed him by a wrist in an effort to get his hands in plain sight as they had ordered. According to Officer Clabough's statement, when Thompson twisted he (Clabough) saw the gun with Thompson's hand on it. That's when Clabough pulled his weapon. Then Thompson's gun discharged. Baldwin staggered backwards, giving Clabough the impression that he'd been hit. He then saw the barrel aimed at Lt. Cash. That's when he fired the first shot.

Allen went through the two state laws that govern justifiable homicide. One is self-defense and the other is the defense of others. She determined that Clabough's actions met the standard in both laws. I don't know what other crime Clabough could be charged with, but then again, I'm not a lawyer or prosecutor.

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I got the impression that the hands reaching for the hoodie pocket were coming from outside the stall.

Since that viewing all but a glimpse has been redacted on the KNS site, so no way to go back and re-view.

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Thompson had his hands in his

Thompson had his hands in his pocket, where he had the gun. When he didn't pull them out, as the officers ordered him to do, two of the officers grabbed his wrists to pull them out. This is all kind of standard stuff. If an officer orders you to pull your hands out of your pockets and you refuse, they will pull them out for you.

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It sounds like you're defending the police which may be "justified" but surely you understand that a 17 year old, even with a gun, should have been no match for three policemen. If police can't do better than this, they shouldn't be in that situation. The female SSO could have handled it much better in my opinion.

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Absolutely. All your points

Absolutely. All your points are well taken.

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Not defending anybody. I

Not defending anybody. I spent six hours Wednesday watching the videos and reviewing the evidence. And I've gone back to it a couple of times since then. That's what the evidence shows actually happened. Not what could have happened or maybe should have happened, but what happened.

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Thanks Scott

It seems like most opinions brought forth under this topic are falling under the self fulfilling agenda explanation. I personally appreciate you sticking to the evidence.

On a similar note, I've noticed that, despite living in a time where we have more money to spend locally on infrastructure and foundational projects than we have projects to spend the money on, after two weeks, no one has brought forth concrete proposals designed to move us away from a violence based East Side. Makes me wonder what everyone is waiting on and makes me wonder if people don't like bitching better than they like the idea of actually rolling up their sleeves and getting to work.

I see a great opportunity to do great things for our community just sailing out to sea. I apologize for not having the patience to involve myself.

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This situation has, understandably, generated emotional responses that have deep roots. In another forum, I was called a white supremacist for explaining why the officers didn't call in crisis negotiators, as some have suggested.

From the evidence, KPD's response appears to have been reasonable (hence the decision not to prosecute), but there were other factors that make an observer think this was avoidable. The mother of Thompson's girlfriend texted him that police were on the way. Thompson then left the building and it's not unreasonable to conclude he did so to get the Glock he had possession of when he was shot. If she hadn't have given him a heads up, he might not have been armed when police encountered him.

And the school administration has some questions to answer. Thompson is alleged to have roughed up his girlfriend twice shortly after lunch. She got permission to go home because of the incidents. How was he allowed to just wander the hallways the rest of afternoon? Shoot, my small-town high school 40 years ago wouldn't have let that happen,

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"Shoot, my small-town high

"Shoot, my small-town high school 40 years ago wouldn't have let that happen,"

Pretty sure they wouldn't have let it happen at Doyle many years ago when I was there.

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The known facts.......

Suggest that there are some unknown facts. But I have been deemed racist and unworthy of participating in this discussion, so what would I know?

This incident isn't really about truth or justice, this is about pursuing agendas.Y'all have at it.

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I'm fairly confident the time I was able to view the slo-mo Thompson's left hand was not in his pocket. Or in the view. The right hand could have been obscured. I plan to wait until Gwen McKenzie reports what she observed from the footage.

Strange assertion that Thompson went outside to get a gun when he heard cops were on the way.

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Baldwin pulled out Thompson's left hand but it's clear that Willson was gripping his right wrist. Clabough's statement was that he could see the barrel of the pistol sticking out the left side of the pocket, indicating Thompson was holding it by the grip with his right hand.

I said it's not unreasonable to conclude that's when he got the gun. The investigation into that aspect of the incident is ongoing. But his girlfriend told Clabough that she'd never seen him carry his weapon in the school, so it's certainly possible that he went out to get the gun after getting the text messages from his girlfriend's mother.

Whether he had the weapon on him before he got the texts or retrieved it when he left the building, what puzzles me is why he came back. He obviously didn't care about being in class and knew the police were coming to confront him. Why didn't he just keep walking to avoid the confrontation? I'm afraid we might never know the answer.

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