Feb 26 2021
06:01 pm

Three Austin-East students were fatally shot within a month.

There have been 12 homicides in the first 47 days of 2021.

Not all have been in East Knoxville. However, three teenagers in East Knoxville died from shootings.

Austin-East Magnet High School is putting new security measures into place beginning this year, including increased police presence, random searches, upgrades to security cameras, and a new clear backpack policy.

These are good changes. However, the students were not shot on school grounds.

I think more needs to be done to create a permanent community police presence (a precinct) in East Knoxville near the schools. Our youth must be protected. Combined with a community center and community involvement safety can be achieved for these young people and the entire community.

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If we have gotten to the

If we have gotten to the point that we're expecting police to solve fundamental social and economic injustices, we are in big trouble.

But, yes, community policing, in the sense of actually engaging and being part of the community, is very needed.

P.S. And, yes, public safety must be a top priority of police and local government.

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Mayor Indya Kincannon and

Mayor Indya Kincannon and city council approved $1 million Tuesday for the Community Empowerment fund, which will spend it as the city commits to violence prevention programs. "Up first will be a contract with Cities United, a national program that connects a network of mayors who are committed to reducing gun violence among young Black men and boys. "

Mayor Kincannon's KNS opinion piece, Gun violence has devastated Knoxvillians. We must all commit to stopping it

..."Community and criminal justice systems must work together

Across the nation, study after study reinforces the importance of community-based organizations and criminal justice systems working together with trust. Stopping violent crime requires attention both to root causes like poverty and insufficient social support and to the specialized and focused work of interrupting acts of violence and bringing violent criminals to justice. "

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Interesting idea

Certainly worth considering and discussion.

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What is the crime rate of the

What is the crime rate of the community across the street from the City of Knoxville Police headquarters?

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Some ideas found regarding

Some ideas found regarding community policing, e.g. local precincts,

Community policing

Geographic assignment of officers

With community policing, there is a shift to the long-term assignment of officers to specific neighborhoods or areas. Geographic deployment plans can help enhance customer service and facilitate more contact between police and citizens, thus establishing a strong relationship and mutual accountability. Beat boundaries should correspond to neighborhood boundaries, and other government services should recognize these boundaries when coordinating government public-service activities.

Job descriptions should recognize community policing and problem-solving responsibilities and encourage the recruitment of officers who have a “spirit of service” instead of only a “spirit of adventure.”

Rather than responding to crime only after it occurs, community policing encourages agencies to proactively develop solutions to
the immediate underlying conditions contributing to public safety problems.

Community policing, recognizing that police rarely can solve public safety problems alone, encourages interactive partnerships with relevant stakeholders. Collaborative partnerships between the law enforcement agency and the individuals and organizations they serve to develop solutions to problems and increase trust in police.

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Montgomery Village is in Vestal and away from services including grocery stores, etc. I remember an involved organizer that said when they had a police station there, things were better. When it was removed, there was no go-to for incidents so the first responders are there a lot of the time I think.

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From the New York Times, One

From the New York Times,

One High School, Five Students Fatally Shot

"Five students at a Knoxville, Tenn., high school have been killed in gun violence this year, plunging a community’s young people into a whirlwind of trauma."

On a cold night in late January, a high school football player was found unconscious and bleeding from a single gunshot wound. Two weeks later, a 16-year-old student was killed by what the authorities said may have been a stray bullet. Four days after that, a co-captain of the dance team was shot dead. In early March, a 15-year-old who last attended classes in the fall died from gunshot wounds.

And last week, Anthony J. Thompson Jr., 17, was shot and killed by a police officer in a brief scuffle inside a cramped bathroom on the same campus...

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