Dec 23 2021
05:19 pm

Why don't you get a f#@%ing vaccine? Why don't you wear a f#@%ing mask?

Where were your concerns when we could have used some f#@%ing help?

Get off my f#@%ing lawn!!!!

R. Neal's picture

This could all have been

This could all have been prevented. So let me rephrase your remarks. Fuck everybody who didn't even try to help prevent it, or worse, exacerbated it. No more sympathy. Ask an ER or ICU nurse if they have any sympathy left. Fuck all y'all.

fischbobber's picture

It's almost like....

A cult of bio-terrorists is loose in our community under the direction of a cult leader determined to infect everyone here.

R. Neal's picture

Natural herd immunity! For

Natural herd immunity! For those who survive, I guess?

fischbobber's picture

herd immunity

For like the first three months or so. Then, Yippee!!!! You get to take the ride again.

Mike Daugherty's picture

I will never understand the

I will never understand the mindless anti Vax & anti mask bullshit and all of the stupid conspiracy theory nonsense. I will never understand the selfish and ignorant government leaders including Lee & Burchett & Jacobs that have let so many people down and share responsibility for thousands of deaths.

fischbobber's picture

Started looking at the number.

Roughly 17+% of Knox County citizens have had covid. Anything over 9 months essentially provides no immunity and anything beyond three is declining immunity. In addition, Delta only provides limited, if any, immunity for Omicron.

There is no herd immunity. There is the choice of management or shutdown. We will forfeit basketball and football games as these variants move through. There is a small measurable and somewhat recently steady rise in vaccinations. That's good. If it holds, we would be around 80% plus by this time next year. I doubt it will hold.

There is an overlap, possibly a significant one, in infections and vaccinations. Seems like a lot of people that have had it once, don't want to catch it again. Go figure. Figure 20-30 percent have not had an exposure that led to an active case.

Figure anther 20-30%, with declining immunity to one degree or another.Honestly, over 50% of our population is likely vulnerable to Omicron to one degree or another. Early reports on hospitalizations indicate that the percentage of infected patients requiring hospitalizations is significantly lower than previous variants, for a number of reasons, presumably.

With any luck, we won't push our hospitals and public health systems to the point of collapse, as we have done twice in the metro area already. But we don't yet know the death rates. And the State has announced they will only be releasing statistics once a week instead of every day. I'm somewhat confused as to how much help this is supposed to be with a variant whose size doubles every other day or so.

The real issue is to what degree our local government will weaponize this particular round of Covid. If, once again, the mitigation strategy is to pretend the virus doesn't exist, this could well be the surge that shuts down Knoxville. Instead of spot closures, we could end up with partial shutdowns. KUB, KPD, and the Sheriff's department would all be vulnerable. Anecdotal stories have outbreaks shutting down businesses days after one positive employee infects his co-workers. Fire Departments, garbage pick-up and basic government services are also vulnerable to an outbreak like this. If you are not personally prepared, you are not prepared. Glenn Jacobs offers no government response. He has consistently advocated for the unrestrained advancement of Covid in an attempt to advance his political goals. That's pretty much the definition of a terrorist and his use of this technique , frankly, mirrors how the Taliban Government, each a danger to the local citizenry in their own way. We're literally staring this next wave in the face.

Will my bank be open Monday? What will happen around New Years Eve? Do you think any grocery stores or Walmarts will close? Will the hospitals be over run once again? Will the death toll be higher amongst hospitalized patients? How will Omicron affect our kids? Who knows? The next three weeks are up in the air. As for me, I'm going to request test kits and hunker down. we could easily end up with 25,000 sick at once and, if we just let it run unchecked, 125,000 cases does not appear to be out of the question. Remember, Knoxville had the worst government response in the world during each of the last two variants that hit us, there's no reason to not believe that we won't have the worst response again. Once again, the County Mayor has chosen to weaponize this disease, rather than do his job.

bizgrrl's picture

Just nine months or so ago

Just nine months or so ago people could have gotten vaccinated, worn a mask, and avoided places where there were large/close crowds or places where people appeared to want a spread.

In June 2021 things were looking up.

Then they weren't.

Idiots not getting vaccinated.
Idiots not wearing masks.
Idiots not believing it is a deadly coronavirus.

But, hey, provide them with free tests, for something they don't fear. Give them free medical care for something they don't fear.

We're providing free vaccinations to prevent hospitalizations and deaths, but noooo.

bizgrrl's picture

I know, I know. I shouldn't

I know, I know. I shouldn't be calling people who don't want to save lives, people who don't care about the overworked healthcare workers, people who don't care about any of our essential workers (firefighters, police, grocery/pharmacy workers, people who pick up our trash, infrastructure workers, etc.), etc. idiots.

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Yes, you should be calling them out.

One of the reasons this has gone this far is that too few people stood up and confronted those who were spreading this disease.As a result, Knoxville became a petri dish for the world to observe just what a bio-terrorist attack would look like, and how well it would work.

The response, from those responsible seems to be "You can't prove it was bio-terrorism" , yet if the function of a deliberate act produces the result and meets the definition of terrorism my reply would be, "What would you call it?"

What most people seem to be missing is that all Glenn Jacobs had to do to change the course of this disease in Knox County was launch a strong public messaging campaign to urge mask use and vaccinations. We really didn't need laws or mandates to begin with. We needed strong leadership who understood the basic science of the situation and someone that put the community and its well being ahead of his own political power. Glenn Jacobs has used this opportunity to kill innocent people and consolidate political power.That is terrorism.

Yes, you should be calling them out. Every day, Justin Biggs, Kyle Ward, Martin Danial and Glenn Jacobs should be called out and held accountable for what they've done. County Commission should be called out for being simpering, whimpering stooges and rolling over to a cult, rather than standing up and doing their jobs. There are only two County districts in Knoxville dominated by cult members. Look them up on the zip code case map. How come a majority of Commission rolled over and played along with this mass killing?

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Christmas message.

I left what I thought was a wonderful message of hope for the new year on Mayor Jacobs government page. I encourage everyone to do the same.

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Thank y'all for caring. I

Thank y'all for being thoughtful and caring. I wish more people would take a stand and pressure leaders to do the responsible thing for everybody. I am tired of all the bs from mindless & spineless & selfish people.

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Bump. It keeps happening.

Bump. It keeps happening. The media talks and talks about can't get test kits. Need more discussion about getting vaccinated and wearing masks. Sheesh.

Was at the Food City in Maryville. Hardly anyone wearing a mask. At the Food City in Alcoa almost everyone was wearing a mask, employees and customers both. What the heck is wrong with Maryville?

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