May 8 2020
07:01 am


"John Heilman, vice president of yeast manufacturing for AB Mauri, makers of Fleischmann’s Yeast, oversees production at three plants in North America, one in Memphis and two in Canada. He says the yeast industry is rising to the challenge of the demand, the likes of which Heilman has never seen."
"Fleischmann’s has no shortage of raw materials needed to make yeast. "
"he estimates it will take one to two months, give or take, to get store shelves stocked again."
From the start of the growing cycle to leaving the plant warehouse, yeast production takes about 10 days, and there are no shortcuts, Heilman says.

Rubbing alcohol

Apparently most rubbing alcohol is going to medical facilities. It is being used to wipe down everything all the time. One "company saw a similar explosion of interest in alcohol products from fire departments and post offices as well as Tesla, the Department of Homeland Security and Johns Hopkins University."

Hand sanitizers use either ethanol or isopropyl alcohol as the primary ingredient.
France, one of the world’s biggest producers of the product, has ordered that all isopropyl made in the country must stay in the country, in order to ensure it has enough product to meet deman

I saw on Nextdoor where someone obtained a large container of yeast from a restaurant that was closed. The person was offering small amounts for sale, at a reasonable price.

Times they are a changing.

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The times we've been to

The times we've been to Kroger in the last two weeks or so, they had a rack full of isopropyl alcohol. Some alcohol wipes and nitrile gloves too. So they're catching up.

Our healthcare procurement system is completely wrong, though, just like the rest of healthcare, the executive branch of the federal gov't, and neoliberalism.

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Which Kroger?

Which Kroger?

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Kroger with rubbing alcohol

Bearden Kroger. Sorry for the delayed reply.

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Two months later we are

Two months later we are seeing yeast in the local stores again. It's something.

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Now it has become hard to

Now it has become hard to find paper table napkins. Who'd a thunk? Twice to Food City and once to Publix. Publix had about 10 packages of the more expensive paper napkins, pack of 100 for $2.79. Did find some at Walgreens.

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rubbing alcohol...

Try Lowe's for denatured alcohol. It's stronger than rubbing because it has no additives. We get it by the gallon! Bleach: somewhat scarce. Sellers on AMAZON are asking $99 or more for ONE 32oz. spray bottle. OUCH! Is that gouging or what?

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