Jun 28 2019
08:33 am

Has there been a peep anywhere about Republican Presidential Debates? Donald Trump has a serious opponent in former two-term governor of Massachusetts William Weld. In fact, a Monmouth poll of registered Republicans in March found Weld at 8%, 54% solidly for Trump, 20% Trump but possible Weld, 10% unsure but possible Weld, 8% Don't Know. These are not runaway numbers, and pressing the Charlatan-in-Chief about a GOP debate seems like a worthy endeavor.

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Seriously ? Trump's approval

Seriously ?

Trump's approval among gop voters has been excellent.. in the mid 80, near 90% range.

Hard for you folks to get this for whatever reason but Republicans love Trump.

Weld has about as much of a shot at taking out Trump as Mueller does when he testifies before Congress.

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I sure understand why you

I sure understand why you support Trump. It appears both of you oppose democracy and support a dictatorship! Trump and the Republicans are doing everything they can to repress the vote. They want to keep minorities, the young, the old, and the poor all away from the polls to ensure their candidates win. Republicans have admitted the real reason for the voting laws they have been passing. Now, they want to crush any opposition to Trump in the Republican party by not having any debate or discussion. Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, and Putin all crushed democracy by denying legitimate opposition at the polls. Once in power they killed or jailed opposition leaders and took control over the press and media. Jimmy Carter received around 1% support in the polls at this point of the primary election campaign for the 1976 Presidential election. He was elected the 39th President in November of 1976. Trump's current approval rating with Republican voters is irrelevant. With all the means of new communication in the 20th and 21st centuries and the current instantaneous news, the political landscape for candidates can change rapidly. Remember Ben Carson, Howard Dean, Ed Muskie, and George (not Mitt) Romney, Gingrich, Santorum, and a long list of others that have been frontrunners or led in the polls at one time during the election process to go on and falter. It does not matter if the President has 80 or 90% approval in his party at this time, we are a democracy, at least for now, and Weld or any other Republican challenger that can muster the support Weld is getting deserves to be heard. Your comments are so silly and absurd you actually make the case for Weld, well, at least in a democratic society.

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Bill Weld is by far more

Bill Weld is by far more qualified to be President than the buffoon Trump. Weld has degrees from Harvard and Oxford. He served as a U.S. attorney and the U.S. Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division. He served two terms as the governor of Massachusetts. He was reelected with the largest margin of victory in Massachusetts history. Weld has integrity, something Trump lacks. It is laughable that you are saying that an unqualified wannabe dictator should not be criticized or challenged by someone in his party that puts Trump's credentials to shame. What a joke. Your comment makes you sound so misguided. You need to try to be serious for a change! Let us hope and pray that the Republicans will not hide behind their dictator and will try to at least have a semblance of democratic values by giving Weld and whoever else might decide to challenge him a chance to be heard by American voters.

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Trump won’t agree to debate

I predict that no matter who runs against him in the primary Trump will refuse to debate. I’m not even sure he’ll agree to debate his general election opponent(s). He feels no compunction about brushing aside traditional standards of any kind.

He knows he can never win rational, factual arguments and has to rely on insults, cheap theatrics and lies. His best bet is to depend on the continued gullibility of his supporters and wait for Russian interference. If necessary, he’ll start a war or precipitate some other kind of disaster.

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You are probably right. No

You are probably right. Even if a Republican challenger was polling at 50% or more and appeared very viable, the wannabe dictator would refuse a debate. He will do everything in his power to rig elections next year and refuse to leave office if his election fraud is not successful. He controls the DOJ and will get help from Barr in trying to steal the election.
Donald Trump does not have a clue about governing a democratic nation. He is more comfortable being with dictators and murderers such as Putin, Kim Jong-un, and the Saudi leader or child molesters like Epstein . He does not know right from wrong.
Trump's supporters, including the millions of so called evangelical Christians are pathetic.They are either ignorant or racist or both. Most of his supporters are deplorable! Trump's racism and immoral actions give many of his racist supporters including members of groups such as Neo-Nazis, Skin Heads, and White supremacist the courage to show their true colors. Trump's actions contradict any religious teachings based on love and kindness. He is responsible for the death and suffering of many including helpless children. He is a danger and disgrace to our country!


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LOL, there's no one to debate. Weld is a loser who will remain a loser. And though I don't care for Donald Trump as a person, when you put aside the purely emotional assessments Democrats are famous for, he's not doing a bad job at all.

$200 million for Everglades restoration? The First Step Act? The Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act?

Sure, he's cold hearted, insensitive, self-absorbed, arrogant...
But who the fuck cares about that? The economy is stronger because Trump was real enough to roll with Obama's fix.
What you Dems fail to understand is that Trump is not a GOP insider and that's his finest asset. If he was he would never have fired Jeff Sessions and admitted candidly that Sessions was a "mistake". What other POTUS has ever publicly admitted making any kind of mistake?
If trump was GOP controlled Obamacare would be 100% gone, but it's not. Thankfully the freedom-unfriendly mandatory aspect is.

I don't like the man, but I'd vote for Trump over Biden any day. Trump doesn't put on a facade. Biden is a lying, drug war pushing, draft dodging, obsolete has-been. If that's where the Democratic party has landed, I'm happier than ever to be no longer associated.
Don't worry about who will debate Trump. Worry about that lineup of asshats you're trying to run against him. Even Sanders has turned into a moonbat. And I once supported him.

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Trump is cold hearted,

Trump is cold hearted, insensitive, self-absorbed, and arrogant. I might add that he is an ignorant buffoon that is unqualified to be President. The only people that care about Trump's lying and cheating and corruptness are decent hard working Americans that know right from wrong and recognize the evil spirit of our President. Hitler put millions of Germans back to work during a depression and that allowed him to solidify his dictatorship. He got the German economy rolling and then was responsible for around 60 million deaths. Trump loves murderous dictators like Hitler. Given the chance, Trump would rule the U.S. like Hitler ruled Germany. I don't like Trump and there is no way I would join the millions of ignorant racist in voting for him. Joe Biden has integrity and is a decent man with high morals. Trump is an immoral criminal. He is a loser that deserves to be in prison.

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You gotta be kidding me....

Mr. Daugherty. As respectfully as possible...

Your mind has been poisoned with Democrat rhetoric. I don't intend that as an insult but it will probably be perceived as such.
Republican shills do the same to unsuspecting people. The Rush Limbaughs / Rachel Maddows of the world laugh their way to the bank by convincing people that lies are truth.

Listen to yourself:
"Trump loves murderous dictators like Hitler." Exactly what evidence do you have to show us to back this accusation up? That is an uninformed opinion that you have misfiled in the "Fact" folder.

"millions of ignorant racists". My God, your mind is a product of CNN. Not something capable of objectivity. Your use of absolutes indicates that you don't even care if you're right or wrong. You just wish to sate your unfounded hatred. The same exact thing happens to people who listen to FOX Newz.

"Joe Biden has integrity and is a decent man with high morals".
He opposed busing, supports mass incarceration of Americans via the Drug War, and dodged the draft. Only in you poisoned mind do those attributes reflect "integrity" or "decency" or "morality".

Trump will be President again. I prefer someone else, but Democrats and this woefully uneducated New Left are making sure he will win because of the worthless, borderline-Communist candidates they're stacking up.
It's like I said. You aren't running on intellect and reason. You're running on pure emotion. That's why you are imagining things and convincing yourself that these things are true.

I was a Liberal Democrat about ten to twenty years ago. I left because the party was weak and lives in the past when picking candidates. Now with these Millennials, Feminists, foreigners and uneducated bandwagon-jumpers that comprise the New Left, I've never been so happy to be a Libertarian. The way you guys just ignore the truth reminds me of the Right when Bush/Cheney were in office.

I truly hope you manage to regain your objectivity. I hate to see this happen to fellow Americans.

I leave you with a quote that may clarify things:

"If you’re emotionally attached to your caste, religion or political leanings to the point that truth and justice become secondary considerations, your education has been rendered useless. Your exposure, useless. If you cannot reason beyond petty sentiments, you are a liability to mankind." – Dr. Chuba Okadigbo

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Dear Mike

I agree with you.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Treehouse, I can respect

Treehouse, I can respect Republicans, Democrats, or Independents that I do not agree with when they have different priorities and different ideas and philosophies as long as they use facts to justify their positions. What I cannot respect is an ignorant racist person. I respect you. Thanks for your thoughtful comments.

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Captain, respectfully, you

Captain, respectfully, you are in denial and appear to be delusional. You sound like you are very arrogant and you think you are a mental giant. May I suggest you read some history, study the real facts, and stop listening to yourself. Get some real knowledge. Don't give up on yourself. Whatever "poisoned" your mind has left you needing a mental evaluation. We will be praying that you abandon your misguided ideas and get the help you need.. Take care.

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Fact folder.

"Trump loves murderous dictators like Hitler." Exactly what evidence do you have to show us to back this accusation up? That is an uninformed opinion that you have misfiled in the "Fact" folder.

Vladimir Putin
Kim Jung Un
Mohammad Bin Salman Al Saud

He wrote me beautiful letters and we fell in love': Donald Trump on Kim Jong-un - video

List of officials purged and executed by Kim Jong-un
A glance at Russian journalists attacked or killed
Mass executions in Saudi Arabia

Mike Daugherty's picture

Yep, those are the facts.

Yep, those are the facts.

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just to make you look stupid

who, do tell, are the “borderline communists” that are being “stacked up” to run for dem POTUS nomination?

also, “foreigners” — says it all about you. go walk into the sea

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"Borderline communists" is

"Borderline communists" is probably a bit too strong. I prefer to think of them as "The Committee to Re-elect the President."

Alex_Falk's picture

in what world

if you are implying that the dem field is "too left" to not "reelect the president" -- what world do you live in?

outside of bernie (and to some degree warren), *all* the field offers is pure distilled politics-free managerial class liberalism. with their refusal to Do Actual Politics, the majority of the field has no message and no way to motivate base + nonvoters.

in this sense, i do agree that they are such a committee.

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