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But already nearly 40,000

But already nearly 40,000 people, whose home address was listed as “out of state,” have been vaccinated in Florida, state data shows.

And the Florida Department of Health is now investigating allegations that MorseLife Health System, an expensive elder care center in West Palm Beach, gave Covid-19 shots meant for residents and staff to members of the Palm Beach Country Club and wealthy donors with ties to New York developers Bill and David Mack.

Vaccine tourism on the rise as wealthy international tourists eye an opportunity in the U.S.

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Disparities in who is getting Covid-19 vaccine

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'vaccine hunters' are getting their shots by gaming the system

If she'd waited to get vaccinated until it was her "tier's" turn, Isabela Medina wouldn't have gotten the Covid-19 vaccine until late summer.

She wasn't willing to wait.

Medina is what has been described by many on the internet as a "vaccine hunter," or someone who stalks a pharmacy or vaccination site for leftovers.

These 'vaccine hunters' are getting their shots ahead of schedule by gaming the system

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There is a small county in

There is a small county in Alabama, about the size of Blount County, that recently received 5,000 doses of the coronavirus vaccine.

Maybe I'll have to visit Alabama. :)

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