Feb 10 2021
09:22 am

For those elegible...

Update: all full.

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Thanks! Still don't qualify,

Thanks! Still don't qualify, but getting closer.

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Got my first vax shot today,

Got my first vax shot today, one of the few benies of being old. You kids will just have to wait a bit.

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My ex lives in Georgia and

My ex lives in Georgia and she just recieved her first vaccine shot. She isn't even 60 yet! I'm not complaining about her getting it, I'm just wondering why Tennessee is lagging so far behind?

PS: She isn't a frontline worker.

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Yeah, I know what you mean.

Yeah, I know what you mean. It appears Tennessee may be catching up slowly. We do have a governor who is a Trump clone. Thus, we're at a disadvantage.

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~52,000 individuals who are 70 years and older in Knox County

State health officials estimate there are around 300,000 Tennesseans in the 70-74-year-old age group that will be eligible to receive the vaccine as more supplies make their way to health departments across the state. There are approximately 52,000 individuals who are 70 years and older in Knox County

Knox County Health Dept. expands COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to 70 and older

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High Risk First

Tennessee has lowered the age to 70 while most elderly over 75 have still not received a vaccine. Forty percent of citizens over 65 do not have access to the internet, and as the age goes up the number without internet go higher. The scheduling system is screwup and needs to be corrected ASAP to ensure those with the highest risk are first. Using the first come first served, those with internet get most all appointments. TN should take information and sort it by risk, not first come, first served.

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I agree. How do they contact

I agree. How do they contact those without internet these days? It's too late now, but I don't think I saw a phone number to register at UT MEDICAL. Knox County Health Department does have a phone number to register, 865-215-5555.

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Pharmacies or doctors offices

Pharmacies or doctors offices would contact for other medical needs.

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Did just receive a phone call

Did just receive a phone call from my Mother's doctor office telling us the phone numbers to call for a vaccine appointment at UTMC and KCHD. Pretty cool. Haven’t heard from my doctor yet.

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Could they get contact info

Could they get contact info for age groups from the Census office?

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Friends signed on the Blount

Friends signed on the Blount County Web site. Got a call yesterday to come asap. They had leftovers.

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Covenant Health offering

Covenant Health offering COVID-19 vaccine appointments to ages 70 and older

"To schedule an appointment by phone, call the Covenant Health Call Center at 865-374-6159 between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Vaccine seekers can book online appointments via the Covenant Health COVID-19 Vaccine Appointment Scheduler."

It doesn't say when or how many.

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Vaccination update

Last Tuesday I signed up at the new KCHD website. I received a confirmation that I was on the waiting list. On Thursday I received a call from a UT student who (likely under contract) was setting up appointments. My appointment was set for today at the East Tennessee Children's Hospital in Fort Sanders. I arrived 20 minutes before the appointment. Was greeted at entrance with a temperature check and directions to the clinic, one flight up. I had to fill out a form and waiver, then received an appointment for the second shot. I then received the first shot, and directed to a waiting room with a large digital clock. After 15 minutes (and no immediate reaction) I left. The entire process took under a half-hour. Everything was well organized.

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Thanks for the update. Gives

Thanks for the update. Gives me hope. Sounds like they are getting the process down.

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