48 days.

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But thousands people have and

But thousands people have and will die.

It will go away...


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He has got a point.

His followers do have a herd mentality. Is a big group of lemmings headed toward the cliffs a herd?

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Trump is behind in the polls

Trump is behind in the polls an average of 7 % nationally. If the election were held today he would lose. He could keep his mouth shut or even finally try to present a reasonable plan for the covid crisis and maybe influence public opinion and try to win in November. He has abandoned that strategy and his strategy now is to totally disrupt the election process and get help from Barr and Republican governors and other Republicans in position of power. They will create chaos and claim the election of Biden is not legitimate. His strategy has become the strategy used by dictators and authoritarian leaders.The scary thing is he could be successful.

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