May 4 2019
06:41 am

Since electric scooters began populating streets of some of the country’s biggest cities last year, there has been a surge in emergency room visits for fractures, dislocations and head trauma,
The CDC has found that head injuries topped the list of accident-related incidents involving e-scooters at 45%.
The study, which lasted nearly three months, found the e-scooter injury rate was 14.3 per 100,000 trips.

The median age for people injured was 29. The majority of injuries occurred on the street, with 29% connected to first-time riders and 18% involving motor vehicles.

At least nine people injured by e-scooters have filed a lawsuit in California against Lime, Bird, Segway and other operators. A similar lawsuit was filed in Colorado.
"While acting under the guise of commendable goals of furthering personal freedom and mobility and protecting the environment," the lawsuit claims, companies are "endangering the health, safety, and welfare of riders, pedestrians and the general public."

I suppose they could sue the rider as well.

Be careful out there. Do not hurt innocent pedestrians.

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