Oct 9 2018
06:47 am

Today is the last day to register to vote for the Nov. 6th elections. Registration forms must be postmarked today or hand delivered to your county election commission office. You can register online here. You can check your registration status here. Early voting starts Oct. 17th and continues through Nov. 1st.

Here's the Knox Co. sample ballot. Here's the Blount Co. sample ballot.

Oct. 30th is the last day to request an absentee ballot. Note that anyone age 60 or over can vote absentee, no other reason needed. Here's the Knox Co. absentee ballot request form. Here's the Blount Co. absentee ballot request form.

Find out more about local Democrats running for office:

Gloria Johnson is runnning for State House District 13. (Facebook, website, donate)
Justin Davis is running for State House District 14. (Facebook, website, donate)
Rick Staples is running unopposed for State House District 15. (Facebook, website, donate)
Kate Trudell is running for State House District 16. (Facebook, website, donate)
Greg Mackay is running for State House District 18. (Facebook, website, donate)
Edward Nelson is running for State House District 19. (Facebook, website, donate)
Coleen Martinez is running for State House District 89. (Facebook, website, donate)
Jay Clark is running for State House District 8. (Facebook, website, donate)
Susan Sneed is running for State House District 20. (Facebook, website, donate)
Stuart Starr is running for State Senate District 5. (Facebook, website, donate)
Jamie Ballinger is running for State Senate District 7. (Facebook, website, donate)
Renee Hoyos is running for U.S. House of Representatives District 2. (Facebook, website, donate)
Karl Dean is running for governor. (Facebook, website, donate)
Phil Bredesen is running for U.S. Senate. (Facebook, website, donate)
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Do not forget

Dr. Danielle Mitchell, running for Congress in District 13 against Chuck Fleischman. She's a great candidate. (link...)

Mike Daugherty's picture

Voting is the responsibility

Voting is the responsibility of every citizen. If every person that is eligible to vote actually took the time to vote, Democratic candidates would win the majority of elections in the United States. There is a reason Republican state legislatures and officials have passed laws and pushed measures that will keep citizens that are young or old and disabled, or poor, or non-white from being able to vote. They know Republican policies favor the elite and wealthy of our society and these groups of people do not agree with policies that are against their well being. The Republican Party platform is detrimental to all Americans and contradicts Christian values and beliefs and the beliefs and values of any other religion based on love and kindness. The Republican Party's policies are also anti-environment, against public education, against world peace, against the middle class and the poor, and support an immoral and evil President. The Republican platform goes against everything Jesus taught. Every Evangelical, Catholic, and Protestant that supports Trump is making a mockery of their religion. If the Republicans retain control of Congress Trump will have a green light to continue his dictatorship. Everyone should be scared and should go vote and do what they can to stop the Trump nonsense.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Also, if you support Trump,

Also, if you support Trump, you are definitely misguided, a racist or just plain ignorant. So, do not support racism and ignorance, vote against Trump!

Knoxoasis's picture

That is certainly a powerful

That is certainly a powerful and persuasive argument.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Republicans that continue to

Republicans that continue to support a lying buffoon that has appealed to the worst in our country should be ashamed. He has energized every neo-Nazi, klansman, and racist in America.He might as well have a swastika tattooed on his forehead. You cannot be a decent person and support all the policies and actions of an evil moron like Trump. How can Democrats, Republicans, or Independents not be outraged at Trumps actions and demand his impeachment? Democrats need to take over the House to make this happen in 2019.The person that really needs to be locked up is Donald Trump! Early voting has already started in 15 states. It starts here Wednesday. An election has never been more important in our country than this year. The damage Trump has done to our country will never be repaired. Every decent citizen needs be outraged at Trump and speak out and do what they can to elect leaders that demand his removal and punishment.

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