May 2 2019
01:14 pm

The TNGOP has just passed a law that creates a new type of "concealed only"* handgun carry permit that drastically reduces the requirements for obtaining a permit.

The new permit requires only 90 minutes of instruction which can be done online. There's no requirement for firing range time or demonstrating safe handling or any other hands-on proficiency. What could possibly go wrong?

(*Existing permits allow for open or concealed carry and require eight hours of classroom training and range time.)

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OMG! WTF! We are lost.

OMG! WTF! We are lost.

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Florida Approves Bill Allowing Classroom Teachers To Be Armed

After two days of impassioned debate, Florida's House of Representatives passed a controversial bill on Wednesday that would permit classroom teachers to carry guns in schools. The bill was already approved by the Senate; it now goes before Gov. Ron DeSantis, a Republican, who is expected to sign it.

Florida Approves Bill Allowing Classroom Teachers To Be Armed

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So the GOP wants everyone

So the GOP wants everyone armed so we can all kill each other and leave the 1% with everything.

But who would do their laundry and cook their food and fix their plumbing and mow their lawns?

I don't think they've thought this all the way through.

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