Nov 2 2018
01:11 pm

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Bredesen's win could

Bredesen's win could happen.

Tennessee's 10 counties with the highest numbers of registered voters.
In the 2014 mid-terms, those 10 counties provided 54% of the total vote.
In the early voting that ended Thursday, those 10 counties were the top 10 counties of early voters. They cast 814,001 votes, or 59% of the total early vote of 1,378,840.

And Davidson and Shelby accounted for 350,924 votes, or 43% of the votes cast in those 10 counties.

Applying an admittedly arbitrary but not unrealistic scenario based on the presidential results in Tennessee in 2016, assign a 55-45 victory for Blackburn in eight of those counties – Blount, Hamilton, Knox, Montgomery, Rutherford, Sullivan, Williamson and Wilson, and a 65-35 margin for Bredesen in Davidson and Shelby.

The results: Bredesen with 436,884 votes in those 10 counties compared to 377,517 for Blackburn.

I'm happy to find that Blount County is included in the "10 counties with the highest numbers of registered voters."

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Not sure what to make of it

The suburbs can be promising, but then there's Loudon, Unicoi and apearently not as much enthusiasm in Davidson and Shelby as the surrounding areas.

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