Sep 30 2019
05:18 am

Acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney said last week that the U.S. Department of Agriculture's plan to relocate several hundred of jobs from Washington to the Kansas City area is "a wonderful way to streamline government." Speaking to a group of fellow Republicans in his home state of South Carolina, he said it's "nearly impossible" to fire federal workers but added that many will not move to "the real part of the country."

I've spent a fair amount of time in the Kansas City area with Kansans. I think it is more of a East coast vs West coast vs Middle of the country thing. Some business partners tried to get us to move there, from Florida. Took me on a tour of the area. Yes, very nice. No way I would move there. Can't drive to the Atlantic coast in 8 or less hours from Kansas. Can't drive to many places on the East cost in less than 8 hours from Kansas.

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Let's move Mulvaney there

This business infuriates me more than just about anything this bunch in the White House has pulled. Let's see how many people who are given less than two months to agree to pull up stakes and move their entire family halfway across the country or lose their job would choose to do so. Whether they are being asked to move to Kansas or California or Washington DC. Most of them have spouses who would have to find a new job in the new location. They'd have to sell their houses and pull their kids out of school. And all for a job that pays way less than these folks would make in a private sector job. If this was 2008, they might have mostly all agreed to the move, but right now, they'll all be able to find new jobs without completely disrupting their family's lives. Or retire and live off their government pension.

Meanwhile, the US Government has just lost a lot of excellent scientists who have a vast amount of institutional knowledge. This government is going to be in shreds by the time we boot this jack*ss out of office (however he goes).

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This story about how the move is ruining people's lives is heartbreaking (link...)

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Wow! two-thirds of USDA


two-thirds of USDA employees decided to leave their jobs rather than move,

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It's like TVA transfers used

It's like TVA transfers used to be. They'd send you from Knoxville to a nuclear plant, then RIF your butt six months later.

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