Oct 21 2016
03:49 pm

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Knoxville Mayor Madeline Rogero and Rick Dover, owner of Dover Development, announced today that the old South High School facility, on the corner of Moody and Tipton Ave., will be converted to an assisted living facility. The school has not been occupied in about 25 years and is in very bad condition. The redevelopment could take a couple of years. The facility is projected to have 47 assisted living units and 14 memory care units. The facility will be managed by Senior Solutions, the same group that manages the Oakwood senior living facility, which used to be Oakwood School in North Knoxville.

Thanks to everyone involved. Those of us who love South Knoxville really appreciate your efforts. Just in time for the Class of 1955 to sign up.

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Residents insisted the

Residents insisted the developer leave the tree (in the picture) with the swings. Apparently it is a key element for the community.

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It's getting closer to

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