Dec 14 2008
09:37 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Anne Hart (new reporter at Shopper) breaks the news that the state will not accept applications for liquor licenses following Knox County's successful referendum. No one seems to know why, but lots of folks are mad.

Betty Bean suggests Leo Cooper as a caretaker replacement for Scott Moore.

Larry Van Guilder revisits "the forgotten man," Chuck Bowers, and finds one more mulch business running and gunning in an "ag" zone.


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Knox County Liquor

Knox County Liquor licenses.


They cite a section of state law dealing with civil districts, and which they say prohibits the sale of wine and liquor by the drink in areas of the county that touch municipal districts. Thanks to the “finger annexation” practices of the city of Knoxville over the years, that’s all of Knox County outside the limits of Knoxville and Farragut.

Someone mentioned to me early on, before the election, that they thought state law would prevent this type of referendum from working. I don't know what these people are complaining about. Do they think anything can be put up for vote without having to check state and federal laws first?

Would this type of referendum really increase sales tax revenue or would it just move it from one location to another? The City of Knoxville is in Knox county. I'm not sure people are going to spend more. Geez.

"real growth", "property values to increase overall",

He [County Commissioner R. Larry Smith] cites proposals on the drawing board for big developments in Halls, including a Home Depot and Walmart on Norris Freeway and a Lowe’s on Maynardville Highway. “Both of those developments could potentially have locations for nice restaurants.”

Man! Geez! What can you say?

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I think the election

I think the election commission did warn them. Didn't Greg Mackay say the referendum was counter to state law while the petition drive was going on??

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Property Values

Is Commissioner Smith referring to the guy with the hot dog cart outside Home Depot and Lowe's? While his dogs are good, I'd hate to think things are so bad that his presence would be able to jack up property values...

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As Bizgrl says looks like

As Bizgrl says looks like moving the source of same sales tax money from one source to another, while increasing the costs of community services due to infrastructure improvements. For a net loss of tax revenue? So if the sales tax revenue is a wash, do any new property taxes offset the costs to taxpayer?

Regarding the liquor license will be interesting to see if something "creative" is done to circumvent the regulation.

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Always enjoy the Shopper.

1.The wheels of justice grind slow but they grind exceedingly fine.

Either there's a there there for the ouster of the Mayor or not.I don't know.We will see when the wheels of justice stop grinding.

2.Yes the goings on in the 7th district is very interesting.

The train may have already left the station by the time they vote & 10 Republican votes could be a done deal.

But if the 13 Republican votes are split do the Democrats pass early on?A ballot or 2?Just to see how it's going?

2010 County Commission District races

What about the primaries in the 2nd,the 6th & the 8th?

Mark vs Amy,Lumpy vs Brad & Bud vs Dave.

And if both are nominated the general election in the 4th.Ed vs Finbarr.

I would bet the house on Sam being elected in the 1st.It's a 6 year term.If elected Sam will serve 8 years.

By the way what other districts are 6 year terms?

Good shot somebody could win the 6 year term & then a 4 year term before they would be term limited or already served a 4 year term & get elected to a 6 year term.

Either way you cut's 10 years in office.We were for TERM LIMITS but we didn't tell you we for LONGER TERMS!

It is what it is & we voted for it.

3.Dont forget Marvin his stories are always good.

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