Apr 12 2018
06:34 am

The Knoxville News Sentinel has endorsed Kristi Kristy over School Board District 9 incumbent Amber Rountree. They think there are too many educators on the school board. Huh?

Anyway, we're sure Kristy is a fine candidate but Amber Rountree has done an outstanding job on the school board and deserves another term. She brings much needed energy and enthusiasm and a fresh outlook.

Rountree has shaken up the status quo and isn't afraid to speak her mind. Perhaps that is the real reason for the KNS endorsement.

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Here's an example of

Here's an example of Rountree's outspoken leadership.

There's more at TN Education Report.

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I think it is great that

I think it is great that Kristy has been involved and is willing to serve her community.She could be qualified to serve. I have not been able to look at her qualifications. I do know that Rountree has proven that she is a knowledgeable advocate for our kids and grand kids. She has done a great job! The KNS has tended to be critical of anybody that actually has experience in education leading Knox County Schools. The KNS made a big mistake in supporting superintendent McIntyre, an unqualified man with very little experience in education. In their endorsement of school board candidates, they indicated that they would have supported just about anybody else that ran against the other school board members with educational experience. It is good to have people of different backgrounds serving in elected office. It does not make sense to say that people that are knowledgeable about education and have expertise in educational issues should not be involved in making decisions about the education of our children. There were many decisions that were made by McIntyre that hurt students. Many of the decisions were made because he did not listen to the teachers that know best what works in the classroom. With McIntyre's lack of experience in education and lack of people skills, he never understood what was best for our kids.

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Don't forget!

Kristi tried to destroy tons of newspapers in 2014, then emailed the whole school board that she did it, then got mad that her email was a public record.


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If Kristy is a McIntyre

If Kristy is a McIntyre supporter, lets hope she never gets on the BOE. McIntyre and his school board supporters did enough damage to Knox County Schools. Support for McIntyre alone would explain the KNS endorsement. I hope voters will ignore the KNS.

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McIntyre, like Hillary

McIntyre, like Hillary Clinton, is gone from the scene. Can we please stop judging people on how they may or may not have supported some of their proposals and start focusing on what's going on now?

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They are running for a seat

They are running for a seat on the BOE. To me, it makes a lot of sense to understand where a candidate stands on educational issues if they are running for an office that makes decisions about educating over 50,000 students in Knox County. She supported McIntyre for a reason, probably because she agreed with him on education policies.Your statement is not logical. Most of the educational issues that were important when McIntyre was superintendent, are still important today. On what criteria do you want to judge a candidate for BOE? I think you have to consider many factors in deciding who is best qualified for an elected office. Looking at the type of leaders they have supported gives you some kind of feel for what type of leader they would be if elected. For example,if a candidate supported Donald Trump that would tell me a lot about their political philosophy and I would be inclined not to support that person.

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