Jan 7 2021
06:14 am
By: R. Neal

Yesterday was one of the saddest days in American history. We were attacked from within by a violent mob of terrorists on orders from a deranged president.

We also witnessed the death of the Republican Party. They are responsible for and complicit in this travesty. Any remaing members with a conscience must remove themselves from the cult. The rest must be voted out of office.

Trump must be removed from office. 25th Amendment, impeachment, arrest, whatever. He is a clear and present danger and a threat to national and global security.

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He is a threat to our country

He is a threat to our country as are any Republican elected officials that continue to support him.

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Republicans of Congress refuse masks during Capitol insurrection

Georgia Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene, Oklahoma Rep. Markwayne Mullin, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, Pennsylvania Rep. Scott Perry, Texas Rep. Michael Cloud and California Rep. Doug LaMalfa were captured unmasked and gathered closely together. They all refused the masks.

Republican members of Congress refuse to wear masks during Capitol insurrection

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The fines will be deducted from lawmakers' pay

If they can prove they got sick from the folks refusing the masks seems like the non-maskers that got them sick should have to cover the out of pocket medical expenses.

House Democrats to fine lawmakers who don't wear masks on the floor after 3 Dems test positive and blame GOP colleagues

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The zippy tie handcuff

The 'zippy tie handcuff guy' who entered the Senate chambers has been apprehended in Nashville.

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It might be time to change

It might be time to change the windows on the lower floors of the Capitol building to bullet proof glass and uninpenatrable barriers behind all the major doors leading to the Senate chambers. Maybe even consider making it possible to trap intruders inside.

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Someone Wrote ‘Trump’ on a Florida Manatee

The sighting in Florida this week of a manatee with “Trump” in block letters on its back has prompted an investigation and a plea for help from a nonprofit conservation group.

Someone Wrote ‘Trump’ on a Florida Manatee

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Seems par for the course for

Seems par for the course for Trump supporters.

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Anyone remember this and now

Anyone remember this and now not believe it for one second?
Reuters: Proud Boys leader wasn't invited to White House, took public tour: spokesman

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We need to know whether TN

We need to know whether TN delegation members were conducting insurrection tours prior to 1/6

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Let me reiterate R Neals

Let me reiterate R Neals heading. "Sad day in America".
A poll shows Trump has a 43% approval rating. And this is after the riot at the Capitol building. We are doomed.

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If the Senate doesn't

If the Senate doesn't immediately impeach trump today before he can implement anymore pardons, then the failures of protecting the Capitol falls in their lap. They need to do it before bringing up formal charges on the rioters. I'm seriously worried that he may have had a prewritten agreements with the Capitol rioters that they would be pardoned. And that's why they didn't seem concerned about being photographed. May have been the reason the leader of the proudboys visit to the whitehouse.

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What is wrong with this man?

What is wrong with this man? Is he that cowardice that he's afraid to stand up to Trump?


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Local too

Hey, Mike Steeley feels the same way.

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They rationalize in their

They rationalize in their warped way of thinking that it's the right thing to do. All they are doing is giving the rightwing conspiracy fanatics fodder.i wish they'd just shut up and let the country go back to some sorta normalcy.

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