Jul 26 2019
06:47 pm

On our trip out west, we first noticed signs on a toll road in Denver saying they would assess the tolls via mail. Huh. But it also said tolls were suspended for the summer.

Later on in Washington, we saw similar signs, but without the waiver for summer travel. Sure enough, we recently got a bill in the mail from the State of Washington for tolls.

I guess it's more convenient than having to stop and pay the toll, but it's a little creepy that they can track you (presumably) by your license plate.

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I guess Colorado tolls

I guess Colorado tolls weren't suspended completely. Just received our bill from Colorado, around $10.00.

Thus, our trip is recorded through many if not all the states we drove through?

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Yes, if you have a cellphone.

Yes, if you have a cellphone.

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Ask the Google?

Creepy but kind of fun, too.

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OMG that's awesome. And

OMG that's awesome. And scary! Did not know about this. Thanks.

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Path of our trip out west,

Path of our trip out west, put together from the google map track info (click for bigger):


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Very neat

Any place in particular that you liked and would recommend in Oregon? Looks like you came straight down the coast. Asking for someone going...

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The entire drive up the

The entire drive up the Oregon Coast Highway/US 101 is beautiful. There are lots of coastal towns and state parks and scenic overlooks along the way.

We liked the Yaquina Head Lighthouse park.

Georgie's Beachside Grill in Newport was a pretty great restaurant.

The Columbia River Gorge is scenic and historic. We jumped off 101 to head East at Portland. I wish we had gone further North to the mouth of the Columbia near Astoria where Lewis and Clark ended up and followed the river back inland along their route. We followed it from the Portland area East to around the Bonneville Dam, which was pretty cool.

Ecola State Park near Cannon Beach looked pretty cool but we were getting tired of the wind and cold so we sort of blew right through there.

We also went by the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and probably should have explored that a little. Pretty amazing geography. Dune buggy and four-wheeler rentals seemed to be the thing there, but there are lots of hiking trails and campgrounds.

The Redwood Forest parks are just south of the Oregon/California border and pretty amazing.

There's probably lots of dining and nightlife in Portland, but it was just a stopover for us. Having Pupster with us sort of limits that sort of thing. But Oregon is very dog friendly including state park beaches.

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Those look like excellent

Those look like excellent suggestions. We're looping in the opposite direction from Portland. Not driving this trip, so we won't be taking the dog. We've planned the Columbia River Gorge and Oregon Dunes Nat'l Park. Ecola may be too far outside of our planned drive, but Yaquina Head and Georgie's have been duly noted, as we'll be going through that region, if not staying overnight. Our coastal span, north to south, will be parks Cape Lookout to Jessie Honeyman.

We'll spend a little time in Portland too. Thanks for the tips!

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We went south to north. North

We went south to north. North to south is better. All the parks, overlooks, etc. are on the right and a lot easier to access. The road is so curvy that visibility of oncoming traffic is restricted in a lot of places making left turns dangerous.

Safe travels and enjoy!

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That's good to know! Not

That's good to know! Not sure we took that into account, but glad you made it through safely. We head back north on the mountainous side of I-5, from Crater Lake to Portland via Mt. Hood.

It's still a few weeks off. It should not be too warm there in September. How was the weather when you went through?

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Windy and cold. Not really

Windy and cold. Not really cold so much as the wind chill. Don't know about later in the season, but everybody we asked said the wind was normal. Definitely take windbreakers.

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Check windbreakers

Sounds right. We were down on the coast in Northern California one spring, I think, and it was extremely windy on the beach making it seem very cold. I preferred to stay in the car at that location, it was so extreme, so I know what that's like. The rest of the area was warm and mild, best I recall. Definitely it was a drought year.

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