Mar 20 2014
09:02 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

We just got back from the Rikki Hall tribute at Scruffy City downtown. I'm sure it's still going on strong. We are glad that we got to see Rikki and his lovely, strong wife Kim. And it was nice to see so many friends we have connected with here over the years, who were all there for Rikki.

The outpouring of love for this beautiful man was overwhelming. Rikki has touched so many lives in so many ways there's no way to put it into words. So many stories, so much love, so much respect. It was an emotional, bittersweet evening in celebration of a beautiful life. We are are blessed to know him.

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Thanks, Randy and Rikki

I'm sorry my schedule was a little too tight to attend. I'm sure it was an emotion-filled, soulful experience. I've met Rikki briefly, maybe a couple of times. He's a great guy, but he's also a hero of mine. When I read something written by Rikki I know that no other expert could cover whatever topic he's written about more thoroughly and accurately, and no better words could possibly have been chosen. He nails it perfectly, every time. One of the few people I'd never want to debate against. Rikki is a real master and a treasure to the region. I'm honored to say I've met the man.

Best to you, your wife, and the rest of your family, Rikki.

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Definitely A Special Eveining

Special evening and special event for a special person who caused so many Knoxvillians to focus on the small things in nature and the big things in politics. The first thing I noticed crossing the newly opened Henley Street Bridge was the new light fixtures recalling Rikki writing about the spiders that wove webs in the previous fixtures. Little cusses figured out where they could find an easy next meal.

Rikki will be part of Knoxville for many years to come.

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What wouldn't I give for a

What wouldn't I give for a walk to Señor with Rikki, or a ride out to Brushy Valley to look for illegal dump sites? Another lesson on what's really valuable in this life.

I went by to see him last night, paid my respects and left before I started squalling. I'm glad he and Kim found each other, and I wish they had more time.

He had a great community of friends and knowing him is a gift.

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"Only the Good"

This time it is our "Best"!

Great night, great people.

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Todd Steed couldn't make it,

Todd Steed couldn't make it, but sent this video message...

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Good job Todd

Very nice. We're going to miss having our resident arachnid expert to sing to and ask questions. Nice of you to say he didn't have to get back to you right away.

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Those Asclepias tuberosa seeds-

If you brought home those seeds don't forget how important it is to plant them. I don't expect that the Dor L'Dor klezmer band of Knoxville plays Warren Zevon much, but they lent their music to this video.


Another option for seeds- (link...)

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I hate that I missed it.

I hate that I missed it. While I do not know Rikki beyond his writings and music love, I would have enjoyed the evening for sure...

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