Aug 27 2019
05:51 am

Today is election day for the City primaries. Polls are open from 8AM to 8PM. Valid photo ID is required. The top two candidates in each race will advance to the November general election except if a mayoral candidate gets more than 50% of the vote he or she wins in the primary.

Here's the sample ballot. Find your precinct voting place here.

About 10,000 people voted early. That's usually about half the total vote, so turnout could be in the 20,000 range. If I recall correctly there are about 92,000 eligible voters.

SEE ALSO: Compass has a roundup with links to candidate profiles (not paywalled).

The candidates:


• Michael W. Andrews: Facebook, Twitter

• Fletcher "Knoxville" Burkhardt: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Indya Kincannon: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Eddie Mannis: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Calvin Taylor Skinner: Facebook

• Marshall Stair: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat A

• Lynne Fugate: Website, Facebook

• Charles F. Lomax, Jr.: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat B:

• David Hayes: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• Janet Testerman: Website, Facebook, Twitter

City Council at Large Seat C

• Amy Midis: Website, Facebook

• Amelia Parker: Website, Facebook

• Hubert Smith: Facebook

• Bob Thomas: Website, Facebook, Twitter

• David Williams: Facebook

City Council District 5

• Charles Al-Bawi: Website, Facebook

• Charles Thomas: Facebook

Municipal Judge

• John R. Rosson, Jr.

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