Jan 20 2021
01:20 pm
By: bizgrrl

Vice President Harris

There is a great sigh of relief across this great nation.

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I was really concerned that

I was really concerned that we would never be able to get to this point. The world almost feels normal again.

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Our long national nightmare

Our long national nightmare is over! I wish we would never see or hear Trump again. He needs to be in prison. He deserves to be locked up in a cage and fed table scraps or dogfood. Give him a taste of what he did to children at the border.
We will never be able to repair the damage Trump has done to our country. We cannot bring back all those that have lost their lives because of him. All the people that have supported him share the blame for all of his evil actions. He has given white supremacists groups,skinheads, Klansman, neo-nazis, the Proud Boys, Qanon nuts, etc.the courage to come out of the closet with their twisted and sick views. Trump has exposed ignorant and bigoted Americans and they are not going away. It is scary to think about the future with millions of our people misguided and filled with hate. I hope and pray all the ignorant Trump supporters will recognize their evilness and change their ways.

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Wow!!! A real whitehouse

Wow!!! A real whitehouse press briefing!

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