May 11 2019
05:58 am

Just recently in Lenoir City, a woman helps out an older woman. The older woman was purchasing $1000 gift cards in response to a phone call where she was told her granddaughter was in jail. The younger woman intervened and called the police. Another attempted scam averted.

Then, "a Blount County woman was scammed out of more than $13,000 Wednesday from a person out of Florida who claimed to represent Publishers Clearing House, according to the sheriff's office. "

Don’t send anyone money unless you can confirm there is a legitimate need.

If someone calls you and says a family member needs money, hangup and call a member of the family that will know more about the situation. If there are no other family members to call, then call your local police department to see if they can help or recommend someone who can help.

If someone calls you and says you have won some money but need to send money to collect the winnings, hangup. You have won nothing.

If someone calls you and says you owe money, hangup. You can call the provider directly using a phone number you know goes directly to the creditor to find out if there is a debt in need of payment. Do not call a phone number provided by the caller.

Be careful out there.


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