Sep 24 2019
04:03 pm

Cites Trump's violation of law and betrayal of his Constitutional oath.

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Imagine impeaching a guy over

Imagine impeaching a guy over a second hand account of a phone call of which the transcript hasn’t even been released. Lol. Have fun with that.

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Is anyone suggesting a transcript doesn't exist? I bet the Ukrainians have one. Maybe we could borrow theirs.

And then, just maybe, someone will mention the emoluments clause and suggest we look at what it means.

And then, just maybe, we will look at whether or not colluding with a hostile foreign power to rig our elections would be considered a crime under a variety of espionage acts.

And then, maybe we'll consider whether withholding subpoenaed information, and encouraging underlings to do the same qualifies as an impeachable offense or not.

I'm thinking there are quite a few people that may have fun with this.


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It takes a great deal of

It takes a great deal of imagination and denial to actually believe our corrupt and mentally disturbed President is not guilty of crimes that justify his impeachment and removal. Someone that actually thinks Trump is qualified to be President and denies that he is a lying and corrupt man should have a mental evaluation themselves. Most Republicans in Congress know that Trump is corrupt and unqualified to be President. The only reason they support him is because they hate Democrats and they are afraid of the political ramifications of having the guts to stand up against his authoritarian actions.

The Constitution provides for an impeachment process as a last resort to preserving our democracy. Trump has obviously committed actions that the framers termed "high crimes and misdemeanors". Trump's illegal actions are a danger to our democracy. Congress needs to take action now to impeach and remove him, before it is too late.

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TN reps weigh in.

TN reps weigh in.

Predictable. Also, the GOP appears to have settled on a coordinated talking point that Pelosi has caved in to AOC and "The Squad" and they are the ones behind this witch hunt. Heard that on Fox News shortly after Pelosi's statement. Other talking points include a deep state out to get Trump and re-litigating the 2016 election.

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Regardless of all the

Regardless of all the damaging evidence that will come out in the House impeachment inquiry, the public already has enough knowledge of Trump's "high crimes and misdemeanors" to justify impeachment. Congress needs to ignore any possible political fallout, they need to do their constitutional duty and impeach him. No matter how many crimes Trump has committed, the Senate is unlikely to convict him. I do believe in miracles, and I hope and pray Republicans in the Senate will grow a spine and convict our criminal President. Even if he is not removed from office, impeachment could distract Trump from doing more harm to our country and the world. Hopefully, on January 20, 2021, the new Democratic President will be able to quote Gerald Ford and say "our long national nightmare is over".

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Evidence and outcome?

The Dems think this is something that our low-intelligence citizens can actually understand might be a crime. And re: distracting Trump for doing more hard, I worry about the most used solution in recent decades: war. Please don't let that happen!

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From WATE, U.S House members

From WATE, U.S House members from Tennessee statements on Trump impeachment inquiry.

I have a question regarding part of Tim Burchett's statement.

He said, "the Democrats were silent when Vice President Biden and President Obama did exactly the same thing they’re accusing President Trump of."

What exactly did Biden and Obama do?

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it seems clear

it seems clear that (A) biden/obama used the threat of cancellation of one billion dollars in military aid to pressure the firing of a prosecutor that was (B) overseeing the investigation of a ukrainian gas company that had hunter biden (someone with no experience in the gas industry) on the board (making 600k$ a year).

i believe that so far there is only innuendo available regarding any link between (A) and (B), but that (B) alone is a fact stinks to high heaven.

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I see have latched on to the

I see you have latched on to the Trump GOP talking points about how this will backfire and help get Trump reelected.

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can you explain?

how do you figure that?
i haven’t explored what those talking points are and i just checked some credible sources about the background of the controversy. further, i did not comment on how this may effect 2020.

specifically, i said that i had not yet seen anything concrete linking (a) and (b) beside the innuendo from the GOP.

my comment re: (b) stinking was just a general comment about nepotism/corruption. i have no idea if hunter simply having that $600k position means anything prosecutable happened.

also- i should have separated hunter’s position to a (c) and additionally state no concrete link to (a) or (b), again implied via innuendo by the GOP

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So, it appears Obama/Biden

So, it appears Obama/Biden did not ask a foreign country to investigate a U.S. citizen, much less someone running against them for elected office.

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Official White House talking

Official White House talking points...


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From Huffpo, When asked by a

From Huffpo,

When asked by a reporter why it’s OK for a U.S. president to ask a foreign country to investigate his political opponent, Trump falsely retorted that former President Barack Obama had done that to him.

"Well, that’s what he did, isn’t it?” Trump said in reference to Obama

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reactionary nationalist burchett appears on NPR

via Compass (6min audio): (link...)

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Tim just threw our whole district under the bus. He made us look like uninformed idiots for voting for him.

I'm surprised he did't bring up e-mails to deflect.

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