Apr 11 2018
09:48 am

Won't seek re-election. Rats, sinking ship, etc.

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Meanwhile, somewhere on a

Meanwhile, somewhere on a golf course, John Boehner is laughing his you-know-what off.

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Of course, as bad as Ryan is,

Of course, as bad as Ryan is, there are Republicans even worse that are anxious to take over the agenda. Most of the Republicans that are retiring or not running for re-election are a bit more moderate than most Republicans in the House.

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Vote, campaign, run for office

Vote, campaign, run for office

Should address that

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As it stands right now,

As it stands right now, whoever takes Ryan's place will be the Minority Leader. However, there is plenty of opportunity for eDems to screw that up in a couple of years. The big difference between the parties is that when the GOP is at the top, their moderates are ignored or ostracized. When the Dems are up, DINOs and moderates are the power.

JDems (Justice Democrats), those that refuse any corporate donations or dark money, have the ear of the people. They should be leading the way but what I fear will happen is in two or four years, Steve Scalise will be third in line to the throne and will act like he was elected Shah.

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