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"The 2017 Enacted Maps, as drawn, do not permit voters to freely choose their representative, but rather representatives are choosing voters based upon sophisticated partisan sorting," the judges wrote. "It is not the free will of the People that is ascertained through extreme partisan gerrymandering. Rather, it is the carefully crafted will of the map drawer that predominates."

New maps must be completed in two weeks, the judges said.

North Carolina judges slam GOP gerrymandering in stinging ruling, reject district maps

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This could have big implications for other states

A North Carolina court just threw out Republicans’ gerrymandered state legislature map

Yesterday’s ruling is a big win for North Carolina—and for all of us. Voters should choose their representatives, not the other way around.

Obama praises North Carolina gerrymandering ruling: 'Proof that change is always within our reach'

Redistricting U will send trainers throughout the country to offer free, in-person instruction and help to volunteers involved in the redistricting process in states.

Obama introduces new initiative in fight against gerrymandering

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Redistricting U

Redistricting U is our free, in-person organizing training initiative. We’re sending dedicated trainers to cities across the country to train volunteers, give them the tools to impact the redistricting process in their state, hear from them on how to best make change in their communities, and empower them to be leaders in the movement for fair maps.

Redistricting U

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The smoking gun of gerrymandering in North Carolina

New reports on the secret files of Thomas Hofeller that show the Republican party's escalating attempts to ensure their political power even if they don't win a majority of votes.

The smoking gun of gerrymandering in North Carolina

The Secret Files of the Master of Modern Republican Gerrymandering

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