Apr 9 2018
03:53 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL

Haslam appoints new UT board, includes Raja Jubran and a former Pilot pal...

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Raja Jubran withdraws name

Raja Jubran withdraws name from nomination, Nashville Post reports.

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It's time.

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from TN is NOT for Sale: Raja

from TN is NOT for Sale:

Raja Jubran, infamous cheerleader for outsourcing and buddy to billionaires, is out - the Senate refused to confirm his appointment to UT Board of Trustees.

The message from Tennessee's campus workers, and working people across the state, is clear - if you come for our jobs and our schools, we are coming for your career.

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Four more Haslam appointees

Four more Haslam appointees voted down, all previous board members are now out.

Haslam's scheme is backfiring.


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