Aug 9 2018
12:39 pm
By: Mark Harmon

I've landed a new columnist gig, twice monthly in the Farragut Press. Here's the first of what I hope will be many columns.


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Heh. No comments section...

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Hell No!

This is so wrong on so many levels. At first I thought your column might be an informative piece of local journalism for a local newspaper. However, let's think about this a minute. Why do people read the Farragut Press?

The answer, they want to read about their local community. They want to read the stories and insight they will not find on any local news channel or even in the local KNS.

I mean having you in the Farragut Press writing about global issues has me wondering, what's next? Are they going to replace the high sports with Cricket?

Sorry, but yeah...HELL NO!

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Last time I checked, U.S. Rep. John J. Duncan Jr., the subject of Mark's column, represents Tennessee's 2nd Congressional District, which includes Farragut. The Farragut newspaper running a locally written column about the congressman who represents Farragut sounds kinda local journalism to me.

But what do I know?

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You must know something.

You let me write for you.

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I did

Fun times, in a geeky, journalism kind of way. I always liked your columns appreciated all the work you put into them. It was to be expected, of course, given the extravagant pay and fame. The groupies alone are worth the hours spent at the keyboard.

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It was kind of funny.......

When I googled my columns, despite the fact that I am widely viewed as a assholiest of pricks here on the mainland, they loved me in Germany. I guess they had more tolerance for socialists there.

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Maybe if I'd told the powers that be that you were an internationally renowned columnist, they would have let me keep you on board. Of course, the way things turned out we both would have been gone by now anyway.

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Or maybe

We could have just joined forces and headed west to Las Vegas to cover the Mint 500 and start an independent journalistic team reporting from the savage heart of America. We could have changed the course of the last election by reporting the obvious instead of allowing America to wallow in the theoretical.

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We were somewhere around Crossville on the edge of the plateau when the drugs began to take hold ...

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Um did you read his column...

A baffled Simon replied, “I guess I’m not familiar with that broker of peace agreement in Syria. Wait, do you mean the brief cease-fire when …”

Can you please explain how a peace agreement in Syria, will have a direct impact in Farragut?

I mean come on!

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If I have to explain why Farragut's congressman's views on any subject are relevant to Farragut, it's useless.

I guess it also would do no good to point out that Farragut families with loved ones in the military might have more than a passing interest in Syria.

And you do know that Russia has a just a teeny tiny bit to do with the Syrian civil war, that Russia is a nuclear power and that many people in Farragut work at the Y-12 nuclear weapons plant, don't you?

If you were criticizing the Farragut Press' use of a syndicated column by a writer with no ties to Knox County about a Pennsylvania congressman's opinion about Syria, you'd have a point. But Mark's a local guy, writing about our local congressman.

Jeez, Dan, I've been covering local news for a couple of decades. I know what's local and what isn't. I'm betting my future on the importance of local news. This is local.

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Well if you knew what was local

I think I will go with the opinions of thousands of readers that cancelled their subscription because they got fed up reading what you thought was relevant in the editorial page.


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I'm so hurt

Dan, I’m not going to get in a pointless argument with you over an assertion that cannot be confirmed or refuted. The thread’s about Mark’s column, and I stand by my statements about it.

And Mark, I wish you well at your new home.

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