Pretty harsh ...

"Oftentimes when they are evicted for lot rent, they're forfeiting the equity on the home. You could lose your home for $1."

"You're selling under a fire sale," Slonski said. "I've seen people sell their homes on Facebook Marketplace for $1,000."

Mobile home dwellers hit even harder when facing eviction

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Good article.

Good article. Thanks for posting. I'd assume some of the folks evicted by the city from Blackstock were low-income renters evicted from their homes and apartments. We don't know, because the city hasn't told us the circumstances of those evicted. Some had new tents, furniture, other belongings, and autos parked next to the tents.

"I've seen people sell their homes on Facebook Marketplace for $1,000."

Lisa Goff, in her Shantytowns, USA talks about how shanty dwellers in the 19th century sold their shantys for cash to wealthy people who used them for firewood.

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I'm surprised this is legal.

I'm surprised this is legal. I'm guessing the mobile home park owners know it is legal and not covered by eviction restrictions.

Very sad.

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As one commentator said

As one commentator said during the impeachment trial: "We live in a post-legal society."

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