Apr 11 2018
07:43 pm

Forum: Knox County Mayor (League of Women Voters ,April 11):

Bob Thomas- elected not to come
Glenn Jacobs- had a scheduling conflict

Q: what would your role be in improving education?
Brad- bully pulpit, more technical/career education, including a career/tech high school
Haney- we have apprentice programs at the unions, I know the programs and goals.
Gallman- be more in touch/engage with faculty and staff, more meetings with everyone, incl students.

Q: How to make schools more safe?
Haney- opposes arming teachers, teachers and schools don’t want it.
Gallman- better communication
Anders- Continue plan of funding security upgrades

Q: How to better recruit jobs?
Gallman- more engaging with Chamber
Anders- develop a better workforce, better transportation, too.
Haney- appeal to our quality of life here, but also well trained work force. We need good living wage jobs, not more minimum wage.

Q: Tax Increase? If not, how to handle debt?
Anders- taxes should be last option, but won’t take it off the table.
Haney- we’ve probably found waste lately, would never take taxes off the table either. I’m willing to invest in education even though I don’t have kids.
Gallman- Don’t want to answer. Asked audience who wants taxes raised (about two-thirds of audience raised hands, surprising her).

Q: Funding a technical high school?
Haney- Good idea, need buy in from school board, teachers, parents. Worth investment.
Gallman- Would have to work with school board, since they propose budget.
Anders- could dual purpose buildings, apprenticeship programs with unions, etc.

Q: Assisting low income families
Gallman- school programs like GRAD are critical
Anders- experience through law enforcement
Haney- community schools, better jobs

Q: Affordable Housing Trust Fund?
Anders- continue working with KCDC
Haney- worth looking at as solution, problem is big
Gallman- I support solutions to create affordable housing.

Q: Metro Gov’t
Haney- I wouldn’t advocate, most people dont want it. I’ll be dead before we have metro Gov’t.
Gallman- City and County mayors need to work closely. But it’s up to the people.
Anders- Strong public opposition. Not in my lifetime either.

Q: Plan to combat opioid addicition.
Gallman- Support KCSO initiatives. Add rehab center next to jail.
Anders- Lead coalition with KCSO, DA office, etc everyone has to work together.
Haney- work legislature for more funding.

Q: Infrastructure Priorities
Anders- We need a new / updated road plan.
Haney- New road plan, bridges inspected, work state and feds for funding; need more careful development that doesn’t outpace roads.
Gallman- engage and better communication in community.

Q: How to make Gov’t more transparent and accessible
Haney- Don’t do anything behind closed doors, be open during discussions.
Gallman- engage community, social media, always asking what people need.
Anders- Put key docs online, budgets, purchasing, meeting; Open Records upgrade not requiring people to purchase copies anymore.

Q: Tax subsidies to new businesses, how to ensure the value exceeds cost?
Gallman- tie to good wages $15 to $20/hr
Anders- We brought in 3rd party review of PILOTs and TIFs
Haney- Would be very careful, dont want to hurt existing businesses

Q: Who do you look to for advice?
Anders- long time friends, my faith, pastor, or if I know someone with expertise
Haney- I know a lot of people through party who are knowledgable on a variety of topics, my husband and friends are strong help
Gallman- church prayer team, higher power of god

Q: Plans to improve public transportation in County?
Haney- work with city to expand KAT
Gallman- meetings to expand service
Anders- KAT is mostly City, but we have CAC, continue to make sure services used and funded.

Q: Policing undocumented immigrants?
Gallman- need to look at, maybe avoid if not causing crime
Anders- We don’t ask for papers; will continue that policy
Haney- 287g, I opposed KCSO program,

Q: What department needs most reform?
Anders- Parks and rec
Haney- pollution (solid waste, water)
Gallman- Chilhowee park

Q: How would you deal with environmental problems.
Haney- Overdevelopment issues, development approval needs to confirm that drainage and plans are in place to protect streams.
Gallman- Consult experts.
Anders- Continue to create ‘storm water parks’ in major flooding areas, we have some successes.

Q: What policy area are your strengths and weaknesses?
Gallman- community engagement as strength.
Anders- finance experience, bringing people together. Would lean on advisors for environmental and health issues.
Haney- Bringing people together. I listen well to people I would seek advice on.

Q: What is County’s weakest link? Plan to improve?
Anders- Planning for future drive by election cycles.
Haney- County should be a destination for tourism.
Gallman- Welcoming diversity, I would lead here.

Q: Legislators overriding local governments?
Haney- yes, County should make decisions for themselves, our legislature is not helping communities with overreach laws.
Gallman- Need more info on this.
Anders- State taking taxes from local government, that’s what bothers me; engage local delegation. Need to retain a lobbyist for Nashville.

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Where's Bob, Bob Thomas, the

Where's Bob, Bob Thomas, the man for you and me?

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Bob Thomas

They indicated he either declined or didn’t respond, unclear which.

Jacobs said he had a conflict with a previously scheduled event.

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Thanks for this!

Thanks for this!

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