If I am reading this map correctly, 30% of non-elderly adults in Knoxville have a declinable pre-exisiting health condition.

The share of non-elderly adults with a declinable pre-existing condition ranges from 41% in Kingsport, Tennessee to 20% in Logan, Utah and Rochester, Minnesota. The prevalence of pre-existing conditions can vary by 10% or more between cities in the same state. For example, in Kansas 32% of Topeka’s population has a pre-existing condition, as compared to 21% of Manhattan’s population. Similarly, in

South Carolina 34% of Florence residents have a pre-existing condition, compared to 24% in Charleston or Hilton Head.

Mapping Pre-existing Conditions across the U.S.

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Nearly one-third of Tennesseans have pre-existing conditions

Nearly one-third of non-elderly adult Tennesseans — 32 percent — have at least one medical condition...

That's about 1.27 million people. Nationally, it's about 52.2 million people.

Nearly one-third of Tennesseans have pre-existing conditions 'declinable' for health insurance before ACA

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Way more

The examples in the story are of rather serious conditions but I was denied based on longterm depression and thyroid conditions which mostly require prescriptions and maintenance. Even the insurance man was surprised he couldn't find me coverage at a reasonable price. I believe life is a pre-existing condition, especially if the insured is a woman.

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Don't like Obamacare, but like it one piece at a time

"I don't like the Smith family. But I like each of the family members"

If you’ve covered American politics over the last eight years, one of the more stunning developments of the 2018 midterms is how Republicans who have attempted to demolish Obamacare are touting its protections for those with pre-existing conditions. Of course, that’s come as Democrats have made pre-existing conditions the centerpiece of their campaigns.

Republicans tried to kill Obamacare. Now they're embracing its most popular part.

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