Jul 14 2020
06:32 am

KnoxTN Today reports. Mayor Kincannon supports the idea: "As our schools attempt to re-open during a pandemic, it is abundantly clear that access to high-speed internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity, similar to electricity and running water."

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This would be wonderful

Too bad Marsha Blackburn killed the possibility of this a while back.

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I appreciate the mayor having this evaluated, although it will likely turn out to be costly. Regarding Chattanooga, I'm "pretty sure" that standing up the power board supported internet had something to do with Volkswagen coming to town. That is, I think the city did it to support them, make it more attractive, etc. So, it might be a bit of apples and oranges regarding Knoxville, although it would be an enticement to have universal Gigabit service.

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