Jun 24 2018
03:47 pm
By: jlynn  shortURL

What: Knoxville SOUP
When: Tuesday, July 24, 2018 - 6:00pm
Where: South Knoxville Community Center

Knoxville SOUP is an exciting community-focused project Celebrating and Supporting Creative Projects in Knoxville. The next dinner will be July 24th at the South Knoxville Community Center. Doors open at 6:00 pm and presentations start at 6:30.

We are looking for proposals, volunteers AND, of course attendees to help select the winning proposal!

For more information and to submit a proposal or signup to be a volunteer, visit our website:

How it works:

Prior to dinner, we showcase proposals highlighting projects that are going on in our city. During dinner, attendees discuss the projects and cast their vote for the project they would like to fund with the proceeds from the door.

The top vote getters are not the only winners. Past Soup presenters have also seen their projects funded, simply through the platform that Knoxville SOUP provides to get the word out regarding local projects. Projects presented by South Knoxville Elementary School and the Family Friendly Drum Circle both received funding by private individuals and the South Knoxville Community Center received a new projection screen after hearing about those projects at Knoxville SOUP.

Proposals can be for anything that will benefit the community or society in general. Past winning projects have improved greenways and nature trails, provided exercise equipment for seniors, funded back to school drives, supported other charitable endeavors and even launched a small business with a social focus. There are no hard and fast rules to what a proposal should be, only that someone envisions it, asks for it and the diners vote for it.

The most recent Knoxville SOUP, held April 17th, raised money for the East Tennessee Technology Access Center for their Sports Equipment for Community Center for People Affected by Disabilities project.

Here's what Sarah Cole, Art Therapist at ETTAC, said about the experience:

"We are so grateful for the community coming together to support our program at East Tennessee Technology Access Center. We used the funds from the SOUP dinner to purchase sports equipment for our participants and were able to get everything on our wish list! We had a cookout and tested out the equipment which our participants loved. They took pride in showing off their new basketball hoop to guests that came through that day. Every Tuesday evening that it's not raining you can find staff and participants outside playing bocce ball, frisbee golf, and a variety of other games. It's really been a wonderful gift to us to help get everyone outside and playing, working on social skills, and building that sense of an inclusive community."

Be sure to like our Facebook page for ongoing updates and a list of raffle prizes that will be available.



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