Sep 25 2020
11:59 am

September 25 2020

The undersigned small business leaders firmly believe the Knox County Board of Health should continue to operate as an independent board, making decisions and mandates based on science and free from the influence of politics and politicians. The current Board members act based on data - measurables that they’ve learned over the course of the Pandemic - and in the best interest of all businesses (and residents) of Knox County.

Everyday we, as business owners, are tasked with keeping our folks employed and safe. In doing so, we keep the economy moving forward and help to bring in tax revenue, which allows our local governments to continue to operate and provide the services so critical to our community. We have been able to continue to do this because we can count on the Board of Health to provide us with an objective set of guidelines (based on science and history) with which to operate our businesses and mitigate the spread of Covid-19 and its effect on our community and economy.

If we dismantle the Board of Health or compromise the objective, science-based nature of it, we risk abandoning the gains we’ve made since March. We risk a spike in cases and potentially the safety of our frontline health care workers, the health of employees who are face-to-face with customers every day in Knox County and the citizenry, in general. In addition, such a spike would likely result in more stringent and necessary closures county-wide, as well as a loss of consumer confidence in the ability to go out for services/products locally. This would mean dire employment consequences and a tax revenue shortfall, which would affect essential services county-wide.

We are urging the County government to leave the Board of Health in place, in its current composition. We believe this is doubly important as we all head indoors for fall and winter, which will make things like mask-wearing and social distancing more important than ever.


Concerned Business Leaders of Knox County

Robyn Jarvis Askew

Tasha C. Blakney

Billy Blount

Thomas Boyd

Chyna Brackeen

Dustin Burnett

Scott Busby

Ashley Capps

Gray Comer

Lisa Cyr

Jeffrey DeAlejandro

Lisa Duncan

Robin Easter

David M. Eldridge

Brian Ewers

Preston Farabow

Matt Gallaher

Leigh Ann Garrett

Julie Gause

Bettina Hamblin

Katy Hawley

Bryan Howington

Kelly Johnson

Sadie Klonel

Sara Martin

Sean Martin

Preston Matthews

Eric Ohlgren

Brandon Pace

Allison Page

Meg Parrish

Shaun Parrish

Scott Partin

Christian Prestegaard

Sharon Pryse

Nina Reineri

John Sanders

Scott Schimmel

Kelvin Scott

Ron Sherrill

Gregor Smee

Lisa Sorensen

Marshall Stair

Megan Stair

Brian Strutz

Jessica Strutz

Robert Twilley

Mahasti Vafaie

Jesse Wagner

Adrienne Webster

Stanton Webster

Zak Weisfeld

Jessie Weiss

Chad Wiles

Lisa Wiles

Alisha Wilson

Jonathan Wimmer

bizgrrl's picture

Many thanks to these business

Many thanks to these business leaders for their support of Knox County's citizens health and welfare.

Rachel's picture

A good effort. I applaud

A good effort. I applaud them. But I notice that most live within the City limits, which, sadly, means Commission is less likely to listen to them.

Knoxgal's picture

I noticed that too

I also noticed most were in the city. I hope someone is trying to recruit business owners in the county. I understand they can sign on until Sunday night.

Thanks to the people who organized this and to those business owners who signed.

We don’t frequent any business that doesn’t require masks and practice
social distancing. We only take out food from restaurants that offer curbside pickup. The more regulations are relaxed, the more we will depend on Amazon, which doesn’t help the local economy.

fischbobber's picture

Isaac's letter.

Anyone know where one could find a copy of Greg Isaacs letter to the board of health?

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