The Knox County Health Department reported 23 new active COVID-19 cases Tuesday, marking the biggest 1-day spike in the total number of active cases since the pandemic began.

The 23 new active cases on Tuesday increases the total of active cases to 93, up from 70 on Monday. The only other day 20 or more new cases were reported in a single day was April 8.

What can you say?

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Numbers of new cases, test performed

In the week preceding April 8, Knox County averaged performing 10 C-19 tests a day. That figure is now approaching 400 tests a day.

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The positive rate among those

The positive rate among those tested statewide seems to be about 5%. That suggests about 340,000 positive cases statewide, and about 24,000 in Knox Co.

That could be high though, because people only get tested if they have symptoms, have been exposed, are high risk, are referred, etc., which isn't necessarily representative of the entire population.

Anyway, stay safe, socially distance, wear a mask if you can't, avoid large gatherings, wash your hands. Don't play Russian Roulette with math, and don't expose me.

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By that metric, the percentages should be going down, not up. I wonder what gives.

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Knoxville Urban Guy's take.......


Inside of Knoxville
If you look closely at my article or the state numbers, you'll see that doesn't explain it all. State testing has been pretty even for a while, with some surges. County testing has also leveled off. The rate of positive results, which should drop with increased testing (because you hit more people who are well when you cast the net widely), is actually increasing.

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Mayor Kincannon's facebook post today 6/2

Here are area COVID-19 updates for June 2, 2020 and a reminder that walk-in COVID-19 testing is available at the Knox County Health Department (140 Dameron Ave) June 3 & 5, 9am-3pm. No appointment needed.
COVID-19 in Knox County:
433 positive cases, up from 410
335 recovered, no change
93 active cases, up from 70
43 hospitalizations, no change
1 currently hospitalized, up from 0
5 deaths, no change
*17,030 tests administered in Knox County
COVID-19 in Tennessee (Tennessee Department of Health):
24,375 confirmed cases, up from 23,554
1,792 hospitalizations, up from 1,767
462,136 tested, up from 448,493
15,916 recovered, up from 15,564
381 deaths, up from 367
*Rough estimate of test volume reported 6/1 by the Tennessee State Data Center.

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Laura Davis
Does Knox Co have a drive up testing sites? Are there any sites offering legitimate antibody tests?

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Scott Robbins
So we've now reached the point where the curve of all cases is on the increase going back to March, the recent case increase over the past few days on a percentage basis is quite large and with the number of tests having stabilized - it means the increase is not because of increased testing, it's because the infection rate itself is going up. And there is no word whatsoever on what the city and county intend to do? Obviously the wear a mask and social distancing guidelines will not be followed - all you have to do is go out in public in Knoxville to see that. We are now going to ignore the involved document put in place by the county as re-opening guidelines and continue to open up more and pretend this isn't happening? Or?


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Courtney Seals
Scott Robbins unfortunately to even consider reopening, several of the 5 or 6 benchmarks have to be at a red light and the only one that’s currently red is the case count. It’s almost as if they set the benchmarks so that we’d never meet enough to have… See More


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Malcolm Stiefel
Scott Robbins we are basically out of luck until there is a vaccine . Too many people don't care or won't react unless someone they know is infected or dies. Just stay safe and wear a mask when able. The economy overrides everything and I guess we jus… See More


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Malcolm Stiefel
Courtney Seals sad, that's capitalism at work. I guess it is up to everyone to do their best to protect themselves. There will most likely continue to be those that won't get the vaccine as well.


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Rebecca Cook
@Malcom people were hospitalized from the vaccine trial. It’s nowhere near being safe.


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Malcolm Stiefel
Rebecca Cook I didn't state anything about the safety of the vaccine . By the time one has mass distribution, it will be thoroughly vetted and tested. It's up to you on the acceptance of the vaccine .


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Bob Fischer
Bob has a badge showing that they are a constituent of Indya Kincannon
Rebecca Cook Where are these numbers coming from?

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Sean Driscoll
Mayor: you have done a great job. I’m high risk and have avoided the office. Thinking about reopening 6/15 but not sure now. Numbers are troubling


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Shannon Kelley
Sean Driscoll I would anticipate those numbers getting worse.


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Sean Driscoll
Shannon Kelley much much


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Penny Lynn
I feel like a lot of people are just ignoring there is still a pandemic on the loose...I don’t see many masks out in public here. It’s such an easy thing to do to help slow the spread, yet people just think it’s all a joke and/or not willing to wear a mask due to their bodily rights. They need to be mandatory.

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From NY Times: In Tennessee,

From NY Times:

In Tennessee, where 735 workers have been reported for refusing to return to work, the state labor commissioner announced that the fear of contracting the coronavirus was not a good enough excuse to not go back. To continue to qualify for unemployment, workers need to be directly affected by the virus: They must have a diagnosed case of COVID-19, be caring for a patient or be confined by a quarantine, among other reasons outlined by Congress in the coronavirus stimulus law that was passed in March.

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