Jul 5 2020
06:49 am

The Knox County Health Department reports 1,186 coronavirus cases and 30 probable cases.

That's 343 new cases in the past week, with 16, 53, 15, 50, 70, 46, 93 as the cases per day for the past week.

According to the TN Dept. of Health, on 6/27/2020 for the first time Knox County broke the threshold for rate of new covid-19 cases per 100,000 Tennesseans.
Knox County continues to break this threshold, three times in the past week.
This threshold is used for decision making processes, e.g. long term care facilities in counties below the threshold for 14 consecutive days may consider allowing visitors. Sevier County has been above this threshold for 14 days.

There are seventeen Knox County COVID-19 patients currently hospitalized. That's one less hospitalized than last week.

There have been six total deaths in Knox County from COVID-19.
One of our citizens died this past week from the coronavirus.

As of June 30, 2020, ICU Bed availability is down since June 25 to 11.0% (272 ICU beds total with 30 beds available).

The County Health Department has a map with the number of coronavirus cases per zip code.
On July 2, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 126 (population 28,000) (28.5% increase), then
37923 with 85 cases (population 30,000) (23.2% increase) and
37920 with 81 cases (population 39,000) (32.8% increase).
37917 with 77 cases (population 27,000) (40.0% increase)


On June 25, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 98 (population 28,000), then
37923 with 69 cases (population 30,000) and
37920 with 61 cases (population 39,000) .
37917 with 55 cases (population 27,000)

On June 21, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 72 (population 28,000), then
37923 with 62 cases (population 30,000) and
37920 with 43 cases (population 39,000) .
37917 with 43 cases (population 27,000)

On June 14, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37921 has the most cases with 57 (population 28,000), then
37923 with 56 cases (population 30,000) and
37920 with 39 cases (population 39,000) .

On May 31, 2020, these zip codes were reported with the most cases:
37923 has the most cases with 35 (population 30,000), then
37919 with 30 cases (population 28,000) and
37920 with 30 cases (population 39,000

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Likelihood COVID is aerosolized; letter vs. WHO guidance

The WHO is being pressured by a group of scientists who want it to change its guidelines outlining how the virus is spread. In an open letter to the WHO to be published this week, 239 scientists in 32 countries outline evidence showing that smaller particles (measured in millionths of a metter) can infect people and are calling for the WHO to revise its recommendations. The guidance that COVID is predominately transmitted via larger droplets and surface-to-hand mechanisms is found in WHO, CDC and OSHA guidelines.

While Lee, Jacobs and other GOP leaders in Texas, Arizona, Georgia and Florida continue to shove more innocent people into the COVID meat grinder with their flaccid, ineffective tamper of voluntary personal responsibility, what's becoming clearer for starters is that bars and restaurants need to be closed UFN with the federal government compensating those establishment's rent and workers pay until case counts are driven to very low levels... like what the EU did. We are not going to personal responsibility our way out of this pandemic's community spread.

preview_cnn eu vs usa.JPG

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Idiocracy in the U.S. I just

Idiocracy in the U.S. I just don't get it.

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Health Freedom Idaho led a

Health Freedom Idaho led a group of approximately 100 protesters at Boise City Hall. The protesters are against the city-wide mask mandate and burned masks to demonstrate their disapproval of the mayor's order.

"It's symbolic just like when they burned the bras," Pam Hamphill said. "To say no to government control."

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Trumpites = idiocracy

The best I can tell is that the ignorance of the people who believe that 45's bombast is actually valid is more pervasive than we might think!

I wish that just once, during a televised newscast, a reputable reporter would stand up and say "you're a liar" to 45's face. That would make my day. I know many of them would like to. What are they afraid of - treason?

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Death rates

If we continue down our likely path, death rate will go from green to red light during our next reporting period. The mask ordinance may have been too little, too late.

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Knox County Deaths are up to

Knox County Deaths are up to Eight.

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Actually, nine. Up 4 -

Actually, nine. Up 4 - nearly doubling - in the past 5 days.

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Jacobs reasons for being against masks.


Dr. Harmon, Your thoughts?

Dr. Lyons, Your thoughts?

I spend a lot of time reading the constitution. I've read a book or two on the Supreme Court. Rany turned me on to reading SCOTUS rulings a few years back and I enjoy those immensely. But I'm not sure what to think about this. Thoughts? Anyone?

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Martha Buchanan is not King George, COVID is

There'll be worse pandemics as we breeze by planetary boundaries charging into new regions exposing ourselves to viral incubators there and in CAFO's. Human systems will have to adapt and ideally retract from continuously exposing ourselves to such deadly risks in order to keep our kids from someday saying "You thought COVID was bad..."

Meanwhile in his 4th of July speech Glenn poses as a revolutionary war fighter relentlessly railing against the mask mandates of King George III's tyranny, intimating that unelected public health officers are little Lord Norths, passing mandates that won't end once the pandemic does, taking away his freedom whatever that is. Is it his ability to kill your grandma with his silently spread COVID? My man is all about freedom and free markets. Are we free when we Americans accumulate billions in medical debt to free market health insurance companies?

All of this, while admitting he is not a scientist, while caseloads grow exponentially and 10's of thousands of his fellow citizens die, while COVID cases rebound & spike in his community and state because the effective government lockdown was tossed to the side so his free market could, do what exactly? All of this, in stark contrast to the tyranny of the EU where caseloads have receded dramatically due to... mask mandates, businesses temporarily closing while workers were paid 80% of their salaries for 3 months to get the virus under control and other effective, population-protecting, science-supported public policy. Hell, if it weren't for Glenn's political party's incompetent COVID control policies you could have the "freedom" to travel there and witness it for yourself.

At least he encourages us to wear masks, it's just that he won't, because freedom.

cnn eu vs usa.JPG

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Compliance by Age, not Business

I shop at a number of different grocery stores and noticed that early in the morning it's mostly older shoppers and most are wearing masks. When shopping later in the day (same store) but more younger customers, it seems few customers and employees are wearing masks. In one store I noticed all employees were wearing masks, but not covering their nose. At least two were wearing their mask on their chin. Shopping early is not doubt a safer environment.

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WBIR is reporting 10 deaths

WBIR is reporting 10 deaths in Knox County, hospitalized cases also up.

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