Apr 5 2021
09:36 am

KCHD’s new online registration process for COVID-19 vaccine appointments went live as of 9 a.m. this morning. The public may access the system on KCHD’s Vaccine Information webpage at

In related news, the Knox Co. Health Dept. is seeking volunteers to help with COVID-19 vaccines. From KCHD:

Q: If people would like to sign up to volunteer at the vaccine clinics, how can they do that?

A: If people would like to sign up, they can go to (link...). We need volunteers for several different positions, including clinical and non-clinical. They range from people who welcome patients at the door to those who can give a vaccine.

Q: What is the average amount of volunteers used at each vaccine clinic?

A: KCHD uses anywhere from 12 - 60 volunteers depending on the size of the clinic and how many other resources we have available. The 12-60 volunteers are made up of general volunteers who sign up using the (link...) website as well as staff provided by federal resources, such as FEMA and the National Guard. The federal resources are starting to decrease, so the number of volunteers needed will begin to increase soon.


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