Dec 30 2020
04:30 pm

COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic (Updated 12.30.20)

In coordination with the updates made on 12.30.20 by the Tennessee Department of Health to the statewide COVID-19 Vaccination Plan, the Knox County Health Department (KCHD) will adopt an age-based vaccination strategy, in addition to the original priority phases outlined in the plan. To continue our effort to vaccinate high-risk and vulnerable populations, KCHD will offer a COVID-19 vaccination clinic on Saturday to those who meet the Phase 1a1/Phase 1a2 criteria or are 75 years and older.

* Additional clinics will be scheduled and announced once KCHD receives additional vaccine.

Who Qualifies:

Those who meet the Phase 1a1/Phase 1a2 criteria or are 75 years and older. Click here to view the full vaccine allocation phases.


Saturday, January 2, from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., or until vaccine supplies last. There will be 500 doses of the Moderna vaccine available for those who meet the aforementioned criteria. The clinic will be operating on a first come, first serve basis.


The Knoxville Expo Center, located at 5441 Clinton Highway.

What You Need to Know:

Individuals who are 75+ and wish to receive the vaccine need to bring a valid form of identification proving their age.
Individuals who meet the Phase 1a1 or 1a2 criteria need to bring proof of employment.
If individuals within Phase 1a1 and 1a2 are already scheduled to receive the vaccine through KCHD next week, those individuals need to keep their standing appointment.
Saturday’s clinic is for those who meet the criteria, but do not already have a scheduled appointment to receive the vaccine.
Vaccine Allocation Phases (We are currently in Phase 1a1 and Phase 1a2. Updated 12/30)
Vaccine distribution will be done in phases. To view the vaccination phases by county, click here. The vaccine will first be given to priority groups as outlined in Tennessee’s statewide plan. The vaccine will arrive in small batches, trickling in over the upcoming weeks and months. The first group to receive this vaccine will be the 1a1 group, especially those who meet the 1A high-risk criteria regarding co-morbidity factors and age.

Even with multiple partners vaccinating in our community, it will take months before the vaccine is widely available. Please be patient and know that this process will take some time. These preliminary phases are subject to change pending further recommendations from the ACIP and other federal agencies and the recommendations of the State’s COVID-19 Vaccine Stakeholder Group.

We will update our website and social media pages to reflect any updates we receive on when and where vaccines will be available for each phase.

R. Neal's picture

I have many observations

I have many observations about this announcement. I will try to summarize the less emotional ones.

1) Knox Co. Health Dept. is doing what they can with what they have to work with.

2) What they have to work with is severely constrained by our dumbass federal, state, and local governments.

3) Vaccine production is understandably limited as they are trying to ramp up manufacturing, storage, and distribution logistics, which further complicate the matter.

4) Point number 3 is further exacerbated by point 2.

5) By announcing a state and local politically controlled vaccine event for which a broad swath of the population qualifies, when they only have 500 doses, sets up a mad rush, long lines, major disappointment, general chaos, and false expectations.

6) And what about the required second dose, and expiration dates, storage constraints, and hoarding by our dumbass governor?

This is a cluster f**k. Hopefully it will get better. Maybe sometime in May or June.

In the mean time, socially distance, wear a mask. That's all you can do.

bizgrrl's picture

500 doses in 5 hours? 100

500 doses in 5 hours?
100 doses an hour?

Are they going to be able to keep everyone safe? Recipients wearing masks and social distancing?

If there are lots of 75 and older people, will there be places to sit while they wait?

Will they track how many people are in line to ensure that the 501+ people don't wait in line just to find out there are no more vaccines available?

Will they have waiting areas for people to hang around (seated, masked, socially distanced) to see if they have an adverse reaction?

So many questions.

bizgrrl's picture

Wonder why they can't do it

Wonder why they can't do it by appointment?

Is this restricted to Knox County residents?

jbr's picture

COVID-19 vaccine backs up traffic in Chattanooga for miles

The estimated wait time was over 2 hours, according to Chattanooga police.

Demand for COVID-19 vaccine backs up traffic in Chattanooga for miles

bizgrrl's picture

Some woman said it took 4

Some woman said it took 4 hours. Recommended to have an empty bladder and a tank of gas.

jbr's picture

Chattanooga doses to "connected" people after refusing others

“We have connections,” exclaimed one driver when asked how he was able to get a vaccine. The driver told WRCB all seven people in the vehicle received a vaccination. It’s not clear if those individuals met the CDC or the Health Department's criteria to receive this round of available vaccines.

Chattanooga COVID-19 vaccine administrators gave doses to close contacts hours after qualified citizens were turned away

jbr's picture

Seems like a fairgrounds

Seems like a fairgrounds would be a possible place to give vaccine. Parking, space, big buildings, restrooms

Or Thompson Boling, or Civic Coliseum

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Just off Skype call

Just off Skype call to Israel. My friend just got vaccinated. He said 25% of the country (over age 60) has already been vaccinated.

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla lit the Hanukkah candles at a virtual ceremony organized by the Israeli embassy in Washington on Wednesday evening, just days after his pharmaceutical corporation received the final go-ahead to distribute its coronavirus vaccine across the US.

Introducing Bourla, Ambassador Ron Dermer pointed out that the business executive is also the son of Holocaust survivors, as his parents were among the few Jews from Thessaloniki, Greece to survive the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis.

UPDATE: "Israel will pause its world-leading coronavirus vaccination drive for three weeks in January, the health minister said on Thursday, following local media reports that the Pfizer vaccine would run out within 10 days at the current rate."

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The Race is ON.

This is starting to remind me of the summer we participated in Junior AAU track.

There are a ton of logistical problems, but in today's world, these problems are dealt with in a timely manner. The private sector can be directed to prioritize this function. A nation or county for that matter, just needs leadership to provide direction.

We're clearly racing against a faster opponent, the spread. And the folks most likely to get the vaccine early, probably aren't out and about engaging in high risk behavior. We'll be getting a lot of people vaccinated, and getting most of the groundwork done, but you're vaccinating people that are at risk of catching the disease, rather than those who are spreading. Without wholesale changes in mitigating behavior, our immediate goal of lowering our six week death count will go nowhere. Our demographics suggest to me that we could maintain a seventy-five person per week mortality toll for several weeks before saturation.

I like to hope that there are more of us committed to lowering the death toll than there are those that would increase it for political advantage. It's going to be bad. We can only control the first day it's going to start getting better now. And that's at least six weeks away.

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Can still get infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated

Over time, many who are vaccinated will still get infected with the novel coronavirus.

Yes, you can still get infected with Covid-19 after being vaccinated. Here's why

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