Cases skyrocket, frustrations mount, but Knox County Board of Health stays the course

UT Chancellor Donde Plowman knows the situation is dire but appears to feel like help is not on the way. .

"There will be no change for at least another week to the 10 p.m. bar curfew that started about a month ago, despite mounting frustration from some board members over the lack of action and warnings from UT Chancellor Donde Plowman that the situation is dire."
Dr. Martha Buchanan, director of the Knox County Health Board, said she had not exercised her authority to impose restrictions on businesses that refused to comply but had reached out to educate them.

"I don't know how we would do it at scale," she said.
"222 cases were found on a single day — the largest one-day increase since the pandemic began. Six people have died in the first nine days of September..."
"The 11-20 age group have had a 279% growth rate (in cases) in the last couple of weeks."

Chancellor Plowman ...asks for the closing of bars and restaurants around the UT campus.

But nah...

Health Dept. Board member Dr. James Shamiyeh seemed to grow frustrated with the proceedings at one point, saying the chancellor had been growing increasingly urgent in her presentations to the board and public. He worried the board's inaction could be dangerous to the economic and public health of the university and the community.

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