Jul 30 2020
07:56 am
By: R. Neal

KCHD voted to close bars starting 8/3 thru 8/30. Mayor Jacobs cast the only dissenting vote. WBIR reports...

In related news, two doctors are suing KCHD over the mask mandate, saying it violates their rights.

bizgrrl's picture

Good decision. Too bad the

Good decision. Too bad the County Mayor doesn't understand the seriousness of the situation.

jbr's picture

They could take the time and

They could take the time and money they are spending on that and help at RAM, pick a family in need to help, mentor kids, etc.

Rachel's picture

That's a suit they'll lose.

That's a suit they'll lose. SCOTUS precedent is clear.

R. Neal's picture

I also liked how Jacobs,

I also liked how Jacobs, according to the article, wants more transparency for KCHD meetings and wants future meetings held in the City County building with in-person public participation. Except, he wants a closed executive session to discuss the lawsuit. (Which he probably instigated.)

fischbobber's picture

Jacob's wants.

He may get what he's asking for.

bizgrrl's picture

Did the West family ever open their

Did the West family ever open their bars?

Bill Lyons's picture

The West family's bars

They never did reopen them.

bizgrrl's picture

That's what I would of

That's what I would of guessed after reading their comments early during the pandemic. Good for them. Sad others could not do so, economics I suppose.

fischbobber's picture


They were rocking tonight, in places.

I get off of work at ten , on a good day, and I meander home. There were a couple three that were rocking tonight. I don't know where they fell under the Board's definitions, and won't, I guess, until I see they've shut down, or not.

Tonight, bars were open for business, and customers were there.

I'm having a hard time trying to figure out what two months from now will look like.

R. Neal's picture

According to Compass, the

According to Compass, the doctors' lawsuit was "filed by an attorney who Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs appointed to the Charter Review Committee."

fischbobber's picture


Wouldn't that be a conflict of interest? Is Mayor Jacobs acting in bad faith and committing crimes right under our noses? Imagine that.

jbr's picture

Why would doctors get mixed

Why would doctors get mixed up in something like that?

fischbobber's picture

Well ....

Look at the doctors for that answer.

What kind of patient goes to a doctor that sues for the right to not wear a mask?

If it sounds like a duck.............

tlc's picture


"In the lawsuit, the plaintiffs said their rights as doctors are being infringed by the mandate." I wonder WTH that's supposed to mean.

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