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Heard speculation this would

Heard speculation this would happen after the mid-term elections. Didn't think it would be the day after.

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2nd LOL of the day

You think anyone will notice the timing? Almost interested in how Fox & Liars spins it. Probably around some FAKE NEWS conspiracy.

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I thought they're trying to

I thought they're trying to get the election out of the news cycle. They're having trouble spinning the election toward the positive.

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I’m surprised it wasn’t a 3am

I’m surprised it wasn’t a 3am tweet on election night.

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Trump actually did something good. Even if it was for selfish reasons. Jeff Sessions is a sub-human pile of smoldering dog crap. He doesn't deserve to breathe the same air as humans. This is delightful any way you slice it.

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I don't know. Except for

I don't know. Except for Sessions's deplorable immigration rules, this new clown may be far worse and may force a constitutional crisis that may not have the outcome we would used to have expected.

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Yeah. Having Whittaker in

Yeah. Having Whittaker in charge of DOJ is really delightful. At lest Session had the integrity to recuse himself in the Russia probe.

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Jeff Sessions introduced ....

Scroll to 6:00 minute mark if you just want Jeff Sessions appearance ....

Sean Spicer Press Conference

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Jeff Sessions Farewell Cold Open - SNL

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