Dec 16 2019
07:00 am

Compass reports: Knoxville-Knox County Planning Commission Chair Janice Tocher will seek the 1st District City Council seat that will become vacant when Councilwoman Stephanie Welch joins Mayor-elect Indya Kincannon's administration in February.

Janice Tocher is an excellent choice. Here's her Planning Commission bio: Janice, a 25-year resident of South Knoxville, is President of Averra Media Corporation, a website development, multimedia, and custom programming company. Her business is a founding member of the Urban Wilderness Arts and Trade District and she serves as the group's treasurer. She is president of the South Woodlawn Neighborhood Association as well as their representative to the South Knoxville Neighborhood and Business Coalition. She is also a graduate of the CAC Community Leadership course. As a planning commissioner, her goal is to ensure that development is done responsibly with concern for the economy, neighborhoods, the environment and the scenic beauty of Knoxville and Knox County.

She also gets credit for organizing Knoxville Soup, a series of micro-funding events that get real results and make a difference in the community.

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Agreed, Janice is an

Agreed, Janice is an excellent choice.

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Janice is as worthy a

Janice is as worthy a successor to Stephanie that I can think of. She has been doing on-the-ground work in south Knoxville for as long as I have know her

And this quote leaves out that she is finishing up her second term on MPC and is currently MPC chair. And she was a founding member of SKNBC.

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Thanks for shout out!

I appreciate this notice on KnoxViews!! There will be some very worthy candidates and I'm certain it will be difficult for council to make a decision. I am honored to have the support of South Knoxville community leaders on my decision.

I believe I can bring experience and thoughtful decision-making to the position of city council as well as a strong desire to engage the community as the 1st District and the City of Knoxville continue to evolve.

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