Aug 5 2018
05:49 pm

What would they be? I'd go with Revolver and Abbey Road.

WhitesCreek's picture

You can have my Beatles albums when you pry them from my cold...

Meet The Beatles...Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band..

Please don't make me get rid of all the others. Saw them live in Memphis. To have seen them at the Cavern...Man!

R. Neal's picture

Also good choices. I'm

Also good choices. I'm jealous you saw them live. Guess we weren't quite old enough. :)

(I do remember rushing my parents home from Sunday night church to see the Beatles' USA debut on the Ed Sullivan TV show.)

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Abbey Road and Rubber Soul.

Abbey Road and Rubber Soul. But PLEASE don't make me do it.

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Meet the Beatles

Meet the Beatles

My first album bought for me by my Mom at the record store at the end of promenade downtown.

Where Five Bar was and i guess now Blackhorse will be.

She asked me what I wanted and I said The Beatles.

A teenager in the store, I think she worked there, pulled me aside and said "You don't want The Beatles, you want the Rolling Stones"

I politely listened and returned to the Beatles purchase.

I still have it

Rachel's picture

Tucker Records, I think that

Tucker Records, I think that was. I went there once with my cousins when I was visited and was awed. We didn't have stores devoted entirely to records in my little town.

EDIT: Tucker Records was on Market Square. The rest of my comment stands.

Mike Cohen's picture

Beatles albums

That is just cruel.

Abbey Road and the White Album.

And Revolver. Because I am bad at math. That's two, isn't it?

michael kaplan's picture

Meet the Beatles and Abbey

Meet the Beatles and Abbey Road. Did anyone else actually attend a Beatles concert? I saw them in their next-to-last show ever, in Seattle in 1966. In cocnert, they didn't sound anything like they did on records.

WhitesCreek's picture

You could hear them?

You could hear them?

michael kaplan's picture

I could. I sat behind them,

I could. I sat behind them, about 12 rows back. Googling a history of the event, they played two shows in Seattle (I attended the afternoon show), then one in Los Angeles and a final in San Francisco. They played for about 30 minutes, which was disappointing. I remember the crowd being in near-hysterics with flashbulbs going off constantly.

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It's easy

Not really.

But if I had to, it'd be Revolver and Rubber Soul.

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Beatles For Sale and Revolver

I saw the group on that same '66 tour, in Boston, at a horse racing track, on Aug. 18th. My parents, sister & me. Our tickets cost $4.75 each...which is $36.60 in today's currency. You pay that for premium parking at some of today's shows. I have a spare, unsold, ticket from the show. Believe it or not, that tour was largely not sold out, much of the stops. Even the Beatles could be over-exposed and they smartly got out while the getting was good, to of course concentrate on new studio stylings.

Yes, they played a half-hour, as they'd done for years. And, yes, I could hear them, over the still-roar of the crowd. Somewhere in my "stuff" is the set list I diligently scribbled down, noting each next song, and some brief silent 8mm home movie footage from the concert (a hint of my doing part-time newspaper reporting, later in life). Before the show, I took that camera down front while still daylight and got some nice views of the Vox Super Beatle amps, Ringo's drums and the other groups' gear.

Fans in need of indulging their Beatles USA live fix ('64-'66) should seek out the 2-volume book set by Chuck Gunderson, "Some Fun Tonight." I've no connection to him, other than that he'd kindly answered some of my own questions, by email. Sorry for the long reply but I can't be brief, in talking about the Beatles.

In Google Images: search, "Harry Benson Beatles Suffolk Downs" and you'll see an iconic photo he took from behind the group, as they're walking towards the stage, that night. It's the only known photo of me with the Beatles (hah!).

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Yes, of course, the Kobayashi Maru.

1. Stereo Box Set
2. Mono Box Set

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That's cheating! Oh, wait...

Hey, that's cheating! Oh, wait...

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