Jul 30 2014
07:50 pm
By: Sandra Clark

Just got home from Union County where the board of education voted unanimously to keep those 626 students who had enrolled for their first year in the Virtual Academy. It was the right and honorable thing to do.

Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman penned a bombastic letter to the BOE before caving, but BOE attorney Mary Ann Stackhouse said it best: "He seems to be stating the law."

Yes, it'd an idle threat to close a school next year -- when it's already set to expire without a legislative extension ... and when it's very like that Commissioner Huffman won't be sitting in his swivel chair anyhow.

Background three items deep at (link...)

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What a mess.

What a mess.

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But the creators of the mess

But the creators of the mess in Nashville aren't being held accountable. No, they're bragging about their "historic gains" in education.

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More Huffman smoke & mirrors: Gains are lies & manipulated data

Charter chains, TFA, and test-and punish are failures.


Poor Tennessee! It is locked in the embrace of fake reformers who promise miracles, and a far-right legislature that wants to believe them. Worse, having won a Race to the Top grant, it has to produce miracles, even if they are fabricated out of whole cloth.

One of the alleged miracles-to-be is the Achievement School District, led by Chris Barbic of TFA and YES Prep. Barbic came to Tennessee to take charge of the lowest-performing schools and promised to raise them up to the top 25% in the state in only five years.

Now come the lies. Gary Rubinstein here unravels the manipulation of data to show how unimpressive the gains are as contrasted to the miracle claims.



failed puppet show

This is the failed puppet show


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Does TN Cons. Retirement System have investmentsin in K-12?

If they do, TN public employees retirement is at risk to lose big money. K-12 stock is at junk status. EVERY rep & senator who voted to allow these shysters into TN education needs to be accountable.

K12 is the subject of a lawsuit by OK firefighters pension fund:
and its stock is overvalued (e.g. it’s junk)

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