Jul 18 2019
01:41 pm

The vote was 231-199. Burchett voted no, said it will cost millions of jobs.

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Saw one of the fast food

Saw one of the fast food restaurants offering $13/hour in Blount County. Lots of competition.

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Restaurant Wages

Thirteen an hour is low during the tourist season. I have been to a few places that didn't open on time because of labor shortage. Two fast foods in Sevier County have close their lobby during lunch due to labor shortage. Dollar General sometimes doesn't open until 2pm.

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Bet Mitch "Grim Reaper"

I bet Mitch "Grim Reaper" McConnell will get right on passing this!

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Tim has received excellent

Tim has received excellent healthcare benefits at taxpayer expense while serving for decades in multiple elected positions. He does not think millions of hard working folks should be able to make a living wage which would allow them to afford adequate healthcare, housing, etc. He says raising the minimum wage will costs jobs. He is ignoring the facts. The federal minimum wage has been raised 9 times since signed into law by FDR in 1938. Raising the federal minimum wage has never caused a significant loss of jobs. A higher minimum wage actually helps the economy by giving these workers more money to spend on goods and services which stimulates the economy. The job that needs to be lost is his $174,000 a year job with its generous benefits. A person working 40 hours a week for 52 weeks at the current minimum wage makes $15,080 each year. Burchett makes 11 and a half times what the annual minimum wage worker earns and does a fraction of the work of these millions of hard working Americans.

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