The spacious taproom is tucked away off the Sevier Avenue strip on Barber Street right across from South Knoxville Elementary School. Don't worry about finding it, though. Hi-Wire's multicolored mural and soon-to-be rooftop deck can't be missed. Just follow the fun.

Hi-Wire Brewing brings the big top to South Knoxville

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Wow, we need more beer joints

Wow, we need more beer joints in South Knoxville. Right across the street from the elementary school? They shortened the distance beer joints have to be from schools? It's party time!

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Everything old is new again.

Everything old is new again. Beer joints were big business on Sevier Ave. in the 50s and 60s.

But there were also two grocery stores, a drug store, a hardware store, three full service (i.e. mechanics and everything) gas stations, a small appliance repair shop, a printer, an appliance/electronics store/wholesaler, a beauty shop, and later a Weigles.

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