Jul 19 2018
03:54 pm

TNJ On the Hill: Republican gubernatorial candidate Beth Harwell’s campaign has sent out an advisory to political reporters to alert them to a “major announcement” at a news conference at the state Capitol on Friday.

If she drops out, will she throw her support to Lee?

UPDATE: Press conference was to highlight support for medical marijuana. Move along. Nothing to see here.

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Harwell on rumors she's

Harwell on rumors she's dropping out: "Wishful thinking on my opponent's part."


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Update: press conference was

Update: press conference was about support for medical marijuana. Not dropping out.

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That's got to be humiliating:

That's got to be humiliating:

Call a surprise press conference for a big announcement and everybody assumes you're dropping out of the race.

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Making such an announcement

Making such an announcement at this point in the race is probably fairly close to a withdrawal. I applaud her stance, but she could have gotten a lot more traction with it maybe a couple of months ago.

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