Dec 11 2018
05:24 pm

Individual 1 says he will shut down the Federal government if Congress doesn't give him money to build his stupid wall that Mexico was supposed to pay for.

OK, then. Whatever.

But what is a Federal government shutdown? Best I can tell from previous shutdowns is that National Parks are closed. VA paperwork might get slowed down or something, too, not sure. Mostly it causes aggravation for a lot of innocent bystanders. Congress still gets paid, though. Soldiers don't.

If the crybaby in chief wants a real government shutdown he should go all in. Otherwise he's weak.

If he were an authentic tough guy, he would shut off power at the White House, Congress and the Supreme Court. He would furlough all Secret Service and Capitol Police. Ground Air Force One and Marine One. Shut down the Pentagon, order all military to stand down and recall all troops from overseas posts. Ground all military aircraft and order all ships to port. Turn off all government computers. Shutdown the DOJ, FBI, ATF, DEA, Border Patrol, federal marshals, federal courts, etc. Suspend food and drug inspections. Shut down all federal health and scientific research programs. Suspend all federal road building funds. Furlough air traffic controllers and TSA. Turn off all GPS satellites. Recall all NASA astronauts back to Earth from the ISS. Suspend VA, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid payment processing. Etc.

But that would be silly. And people would be pretty pissed off and vote all these doofuses out at the next opportunity.

Which is why threatening a government shutdown is a stupid, idle threat.

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This is only a partial

This is only a partial shutdown but other than the fact that it include DHS I'm not sure which parts.

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I’m still struggling over the

I’m still struggling over the idea that the federal government might be shut down because Congress refuses to fund a project that was sold very bigly as something that Mexico would be paying for.

Not once did the rally crowds respond to the question “who’s going to pay for it?” with “We are!”

Not once.

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Here's what's not appropriated

The defense appropriations bill has already passed, so the soldiers will get paid. Bills for HHS, Education, Energy and the VA have passed and are signed. Per congress watchers, the following departments do not have appropriations done for 2019:

Agriculture; Commerce, Justice, Science; Financial Services & General Government; Homeland Security; Interior, Environment; State, Foreign Operations; and Transportation, HUD

But there are always the "emergency" exceptions for law enforcement and other services deemed critical. A lot of those folks will be required to work, but won't get paid until the shutdown is over (when federal workers typically get all back pay whether they worked or not).

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