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Indya is one of the least

Indya is one of the least elitist people I know.

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This editorial follows a

This editorial follows a series of rants about Recode. I'm not sure what the agenda is ..

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It's Steve Hunley. He hates

It's Steve Hunley. He hates everything.

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Well maybe he is just bored

So, you have a one term former school board member that could not win in his own district. Rise to the top of the political scene! Dominate on a level not seen in ages. I mean give credit where credit is due. He repeatedly beat the Haslam Machine. He rose to the top. Since I have left, the paper has gone from an influential powerhouse to an outhouse...I mean damn I got a White House clearance pass, and he has lost all the respect of the community. I mean let's be real. He is once again the loser who doesn't know how to win. Yet he will waste a ton of money on loser candidates, yet won't update an absolute embarrassment of a website. So yeah, He is an angry bitter old man. Trying in vein to get what little attention he can.

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"Dominate on a level not seen in ages." Please give me an example.

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How many schools got built out east?

OK we can start at Gibbs Middle School that did not have a chance in hell of happening. We can look even more at how he beat Haslam and McIntyre 30 milion dollar giveaway. So yeah, beating a billionare and seeing that as a newspaper the community had a larger more unified voice. I mean come on. Heck, I will give you one thing that you can ask your partner on first hand. If it wasn't for Hunley the Sunsphere would still be outdated...ask Jesse and he can tell you one hell of a story.
However if you want to go candidate specific...The most glaring few was how he supported Amber Roundtree and Jeff Ownby when they ran against well known incumbents. Finally, getting McIntyre out. So yeah, I think that validates my statement.

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By way of Compass, City

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Quotes from Barbara Bridges letter

Quotes from Barbara Bridges open letter to Steve Hunley and the Knox Focus.

Barbara Bridges fist sentence: “I’ve been a member of the Knoxville City Council Movement since 2017.” The Tennessee Secretary of State recorded the initial filing date for Knoxville City Council Movement as April 30, 2019.

The first sentence of her second paragraph: “First, it is factually INCORRECT to imply that the Knoxville City Council Movement has endorsed or favors any of the mayoral candidates.”

A quote from her sixth paragraph: “I am proud to stand with Knoxville City Council Movement candidates: Amelia Parker, David Hayes, and Charles Al-Bawi”

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They may not have been a

They may not have been a registered entity with the state in 2017, but they were certainly a presence that year. They were very visible, and they supported several Council candidates, including Seema Singh, who won.

And there's no contradiction between those last two quotes -- the three candidates they're supporting are for Council, not mayor.

(I am not endorsing City Council Movement, just noting the facts.)

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